Mustang boys finish 10th, Versailles boys finish second and girls fourth, Osage boys finish third and girls fifth

The wins are starting to pile up for the Eldon girls' track and field team.

The Mustangs hosted Lake area neighbors Osage and Versailles and 10 other schools in the annual Maroon & Gold Relays Thursday afternoon and the Eldon girls won their fourth straight meet out of five they have officially competed in this season. Eldon totaled 150 team points, which was nine more than any other team.

Not a bad resume for a team that has won four straight district titles and five of the past six Tri-County Conference championships.

"We really practice the hardest we can at every practice we have and our coaches are always encouraging us right before our individual events, even though there is a whole bunch of us," Eldon senior Kristan Wilson said after she and her teammates got the job done on Senior Night. "Our coaches come up to us before each event and spend quality time with us and help us get prepared for the meet. I think the bond we have with them is really special and something that helps us be the best we can be."

Wilson's teammate and fellow senior Grace Aulick echoed a similar sentiment on the team's ability to constantly succeed. Aulick has only been with the program for two years, but is certainly glad that she became a Mustang.

"Coming to this school with such a great legacy was so amazing and incredible for me," she said. "I never thought of track and field as a team sport until coming to Eldon. It is just knowing how much effort goes in and knowing you are not competing for yourself, but a whole group of girls that are wonderful and amazing people."

The Centralia girls finished second with 141 points followed by Blair Oaks (88.5), Versailles (85) and Osage (70). Both Wilson and Aulick also took some time to acknowledge the sportsmanship on display throughout the afternoon, noting that athletes from other teams were spontaneously complimentary and it made for a good day overall.

Coach Tobby Eldridge "just told us to do our best in everything and it will work out in the end and it did. I just love these girls so much for giving their best," Aulick remarked.

On the boys' side it was Centralia who turned in the tops score with 186 points while Versailles finished second with 92, Osage earned third with 91 and Eldon finished 10th with 22.

Listed below are the times of each Mustang, Tiger and Indian athlete who earned points for their teams:


-100-Meter Hurdles: Versailles' Emma Geier (5th) 19.31 seconds and Eldon's Anna Herbert (8th) 19.67

-300-Meter Hurdles: Versailles' Allison Taylor (3rd) 52.89, Eldon's Cassidy Prater (5th) 54.1, Osage's Liberty Gamm (6th) 54.36 and Versailles' Emma Geier (7th) 5.13

-100-Meter Dash: Osage's Cecilia Verslues (2nd) 13.7, Versailles' Keely Gustafson (3rd) 13.78, Eldon's Caroline Beckmann (4th) 13.79 and Eldon's Nicole Reynolds (7th) 14.31

-200-Meter Dash: Versailles' Hailey Burnett (4th) 29.76, Eldon's Nicole Reynolds (5th) 30.07 and Versailles' Gracie Hamrick (7th) 30.28

-400-Meter Dash: Versailles' Keely Gustafson (2nd) 1:04.36 and Eldon's Kristan Wilson (3rd) 1:04.57

-800-Meter Run: Eldon's Lauren Imler (2nd) 2:38.8 and Eldon's Haley Thompson (8th) 2:47.57

-1,600-Meter Run: Osage's Micah Hill (4th) 6:04.38 and Eldon's Emily Guthrie (7th) 6:15.9

-3,200-Meter Run: Eldon's Emily Guthrie (2nd) 13:36.18 and Eldon's Kelsey Wallis (5th) 14:02.88

-4x100 Relay: Osage's Grace Edwards, Loren Melton, Cecilia Verslues and Georgia Verslues (1st) 53.11, Eldon's Cassidy Prater, Nicole Reynolds, Kristan Wilson and Anna Herbert (3rd) 55.12 and Versailles' Kyrsten Williams, Natalie Bierman, Allison Foley and Hailey Burnett (4th) 57.11

-4x200 Relay: Versailles' Gracie Hamrick, Allison Taylor, Hailey Burnett and Lauryn Shewmaker (1st) 1:54.23, Eldon's Grace Aulick, Elizabeth Rush, Kristan Wilson and Cassidy Prater (2nd) 1:56.59 and Osage's Grace Edwards, Loren Melton, Georgia Verslues and Cecilia Verslues (3rd) 1:57.12

-4x400 Relay: Eldon's Caroline Beckmann, Nicole Reynolds, Kristan Wilson and Lauren Imler (1st) 4:21.63 and Versailles' Gracie Hamrick, Allison Taylor, Lauryn Shewmaker and Keely Gustafson (3rd) 4:26.08

-4x800 Relay: Eldon's Haley Thompson, Mariah Wardenburg, Emily Guthrie and Lauren Imler (3rd) 10:48.88 and Osage's Grace Edwards, Micah Hill, Sara Wolf and Nevaeh Henley (4th) 11:17.67


-High Jump: Osage's Carson Wood (2nd) 4 feet and 10 inches, Eldon's Grace Aulick (4th) J4-08, Versailles' Natalie Bierman (6th) J4-08 and Eldon's Lauren Imler (8th) 4-06

-Pole Vault: Eldon's Rachel Hanks (2nd) 10-00, Eldon's Heather Harbison (4th) 7-06 and Osage's Alana Douglas (7th) 6-06

-Long Jump: Eldon's Caroline Beckmann (1st) 15-10 1/2, Osage's Carson Wood (3rd) 15-02 and Eldon's Grace Aulick (5th) J15-00

-Triple Jump: Eldon's Caroline Beckmann (1st) 32-06 1/2, Osage's Liberty Gamm (3rd) 30-10 3/4, Eldon's Anna Herbert (5th) 30-00 1/2 and Osage's Reese Good (7th) 29-01

-Shot Put: Versailles' Carrie Hoffa (1st) 39-07, Eldon's Haley Clifton (2nd) 37-03 1/4, Versailles' Lindsay Walls (4th) 34-03, Eldon's Taylor Henderson (5th) 32-09 and Osage's Karli Kempf (7th) 29-04 1/2

-Discus: Eldon's Haley Clifton (2nd) 118-10, Versailles' Lindsay Walls (3rd) 98-11, Versailles' Carrie Hoffa (5th) 97-11, Osage's Karli Kempf (6th) 97-07 and Eldon's Taylor Henderson (7th) 96-05 1/2

-Javelin: Eldon's Addison Davis (3rd) 105-09, Osage's Liberty Gamm (5th) 102-04 and Versailles' Bethany Howard (6th) 92-06 1/2


-100-Meter Hurdles: Osage's Garrett Sutherland (5th) 17.89 and Versailles' Maxwell Coleman (7th) 18.44

-300-Meter Hurdles: Versailles' Kendall Cann (4th) 48.2, Versailles' Trent Hyman (5th) 48.34 and Osage's Keigan Vaughn (8th) 52.14

-100-Meter Dash Para: Eldon's Hunter Bushnell (2nd) 48.07

-100-Meter Dash: Versailles' Kendall Cann (T-8th) 12.89

-200-Meter Dash: Versailles' Coby Williams (2nd) 24.37 and Osage's Matthew Hans (8th) 25.89

-400-Meter Dash: Versailles' Coby Williams (2nd) 51.99, Eldon's Samuel Rivera (3rd) 52.84, Osage's Matthew Kinnison (6th) 56.67 and Osage's Ryan Watson (7th) 57.15

-800-Meter Run: Eldon's Samuel Rivera (4th) 2:10.47 and Eldon's Aidan Gerber (8th) 2:25.1

-1,600-Meter Run: Eldon's Aidan Gerber (7th) 5:08.66

-3,200-Meter Run: Versailles' Seth Newton (5th) 12:17.22 and Eldon's Nicholas Young (8th) 13:41.54

-4x100 Relay: Versailles' Allan Rhorer, Trent Hyman, Mikhail Gulyayev and Coby Williams (2nd) 46.67 and Osage's Jesse Wermuth, Rudy Escobar, Colin Chilton and Garrett Sutherland (4th) 48.17

-4x200 Relay: Versailles' Mikhail Gulyayev, Maxwell Coleman, Kyle Flieger and Trent Hyman (3rd) 1:38.57 and Osage's Matthew Hans, Colin Chilton, Matthew Kinnison and Garrett Sutherland (4th) 1:38.92

-4x400 Relay: Versailles' Colby Boicourt, Mikhail Gulyayev, Trent Hyman and Coby Williams (3rd) 3:47.36 and Osage's Matthew Hans, Ryan Watson, Matthew Kinnison and Colin Chilton (4th) 3:50.55

-4x800 Relay: Osage's Steven Vickers, Chase Grosvenor, Harrison Adams and Kevin Sparks (2nd) 9:30.12 and Versailles' Allan Rhorer, Dagan Haggerman, Michael Bell and Colby Boicourt (3rd) 9:52.12


-High Jump: Versailles' Justin Hamrick (2nd) 5-08, Osage's Drew Edwards (5th) 5-04 and Versailles' Michael Bell (7th) J5-04

-Pole Vault: Osage's Aaron Cuddy (3rd) 11-00, Versailles' Bentley Elliott (6th) 9-06, Eldon's Nicholas Martonfi (7th) J9-06 and Versailles' Kyle Flieger T-8th) 9-00

-Long Jump: Versailles' Allan Rhorer (6th) 17-10 1/4, Osage's Matthew Hans (7th) 17-09 and Osage's Hunter Dckard (8th) 17-05

-Triple Jump: Versailles' Michael Bell (2nd) 38-06 3/4 and Osage's Drew Edwards (8th) 35-05 3/4

-Shot Put: Osage's Robert Moore (1st) 43-04 1/4, Osage's Franklin Salee (2nd) 41-04 1/2, Versailles' Gage Tessier (5th) 37-02 and Versailles' Quinn Randall (7th) 36-03

-Discus: Osage's Jesse Valasquez (1st) 132-01, Osage's Rudy Escobar (2nd) 130-08, Eldon's P.J. Bledsoe (5th) 118-04 and Eldon's Jakob Krantz (8th) 108-03 1/2

-Javelin: Osage's Matthew McCubbin (4th) 133-02, Versailles' Gage Tessier (5th) 126-05 and Osage's Drew Edwards (7th) 120-04

Eldon will compete in Jefferson City on Saturday at 10 a.m. Up next for Osage is a home meet on Tuesday at 4 p.m., and Versailles will get ready for the KU Relays at the University of Kansas in Lawrence next weekend.