Osage girls win Linn Invitational and boys place second, Versailles girls capture fourth at Linn Invitational and boys take eighth, Camdenton boys finish second at Branson Invitatonal and girls earn fifth

Osage and Versailles take on Linn Invitational

It was a good night for the ladies of Osage.

The Indians and Versailles were in competition with 14 other schools at the Linn Invitational on Thursday and the Osage girls solidly topped the field with 88 team points with no other team earning more than 50. The Versailles girls tied for fourth with St. James at 44 points behind the Indians, Steelville (50) and Fatima (49).

The Osage boys did not have a bad night either after acquiring 58 points, trailing only St. James (89) and the Versailles boys were in the middle of the pack at eighth place with 38.5 points of their own.

Due to inclement weather, only 14 of the 19 total events could be completed as the 200-meter dash, 300-meter hurdles, 800-meter run, 3,200-meter run and 4x400 relay did not take place.

Listed below are the results of Indian and Tiger athletes who earned points for their teams:


-High Jump: Osage's Carson Wood (1st) 5 feet and 1 inch and Versailles' Natalie Biermann (5th) 4-09

-Pole Vault: Osage's Alana Douglas (3rd) 7-00

-Long Jump: Osage's Carson Wood (3rd) 14-11 and Osage's Loren Melton (6th) 14-06 1/4

-Triple Jump: Osage's Liberty Gamm (7th) 28-09 3/4

-Discus: Versailles' Carrie Hoffa (4th) 95-02, Versailles' Lindsay Walls (5th) 91-09 and Osage's Karli Kempf (6th) 91-00

Javelin: Osage's Karli Kempf (1st) 111-05

-Shot Put: Versailles' Carrie Hoffa (1st) 36-09 1/2 and Versailles' Lindsay Walls (5th) 29-05


-100-Meter Hurdles: Osage's Liberty Gamm (4th) 19.12 seconds and Versailles' Emma Geier (7th) 19.59

-100-Meter Dash: Osage's Cecilia Verslues (1st) 13.35 and Osage's Carson Wood (5th) 13.93

-400-Meter Dash: Osage's Reese Good (4th) 1:06.21

-1,600-Meter Run: Osage's Sarah Porter (8th) 6:07.12

-4x100 Relay: Versailles' Gracie Hamrick, Hailey Burnett, Lauryn Shewmaker and Keely Gustafson (1st) 54.23 and Osage's Khristina Edwards, Loren Melton, Cecilia Verslues and Georgia Verslues (4th) 55.58

-4x200 Relay: Osage's Khristina Edwards, Loren Melton, Cecilia Verslues and Georgia Verslues (1st) 1:53.82 and Versailles' Gracie Hamrick, Hailey Burnett, Lauryn Shewmaker and Keely Gustafson (4th) 1:56.22

-4x800 Relay: Osage's Micah Hill, Khristina Edwards, Sarah Porter and Sara Wolf (2nd) 10:46.46


-High Jump: Osage's Drew Edwards (2nd) 5-11, Versailles' Michael Bell (4th) 5-06 and Versailles' Trent Hyman (6th) 5-04

-Pole Vault: Versailles' Kyle Flieger (8th) 9-06

-Long Jump: Versailles' Allan Rhorer (7th) 17-04 3/4 and Osage's Matthew Hans (8th) 16-08 1/4

-Triple Jump: Osage's Drew Edwards (5th) 36-02 3/4 and Versailles' Michael Bell (6th) 36-00

-Discus: Osage's Rudy Escobar (1st) 120-04

-Shot Put: Osage's Ryan Moore (1st) 42-05, Versailles' Gage Tessier (3rd) 40-00, Osage's Franklin Sallee (6th) 36-05 and Versailles' Randall Quinn (8th) 35-08 1/2


-110-Meter Hurdles: Versailles' Max Coleman (8th) 18.58

-100-Meter Dash: Versailles' Dallas Waller (4th) 11.97

-400-Meter Dash: Osage's Matthew Hans (8th) 58.6

-1,600-Meter Run: Osage's Chase Grosvenor (7th) 5:08.61

-4x100 Relay: Versailles' Allan Rhorer, Trent Hyman, Dallas Waller and Coby Williams (1st) 46.07 and Osage's Colin Chilton, Haden Wood, Ryan Watson and Jesse Wermuth (4th) 49.17

-4x200 Relay: Osage's Matthew Hans, Colin Chilton, Matthew Kinnison and Garrett Sutherland (2nd) 1:39.37

-4x800 Relay: Osage's Harrison Adams, Kevin Sparks, Steven Vickers and Chase Grosvenor (3rd) 9:32.86 and Versailles' Dagan Haggerman, Seth Newton, Jacob Schrock and Michael Bell (8th) 10:06.7

Versailles will host its own meet on Monday at 4 p.m. The Osage girls will compete on Thursday at JFK Stadium in Springfield and the boys will do the same on Friday. Both meets are scheduled for 4 p.m.

Camdenton athletes battle in Branson

Camdenton was one of 10 schools at the Branson Invitational on Thursday and both the Laker boys and girls finished in the top half of the field.

The Laker boys placed second with 176 team points, trailing only the host Pirates (178.5), and the girls took fifth with 74 points behind Ozark (179), Carl Junction (90), Republic (87) and Branson (80).

Listed below are the results of each Laker who earned points for Camdenton:


-110-Meter Hurdles: Parker Wormek (1st) 15.8 seconds and Brayden Blackman (8th) 18.42

-300-Meter Hurdles: Parker Wormek (3rd) 43.39 and Brayden Blackman (4th) 44.43

-100-Meter Dash: Eli Griffin (1st) 11.2, Jadin Faulconer (2nd) 11.34 and Robert Nicklas (5th) 11.68

-200-Meter Dash: Eli Griffin (2nd) 23.09 and Robert Nicklas (5th) 23.82

-800-Meter Run: Garrett Mason (1st) 2:00.83

-3,200-Meter Run: Jake Thoenen (6th) 11:13.71

-4x100 Relay: Robert Nicklas, Eli Griffin, Gabe Kurtz and Jadin Faulconer (1st) 44.42

-4x200 Relay: Jeremeya Bell, Talon Randazzo, Eli Griffin and Jadin Faulconer (3rd) 1:35.9

-4x400 Relay: Talon Randazzo, Zachary Davis, Parker Wormek and Jeremeya Bell (3rd) 3:40.54

-4x800 Relay: Jake Thoenen, Zachary Davis, Benjamin Hauck and Garrett Mason (3rd) 8:57.11


-Long Jump: Gabe Kurtz (1st) 21 feet and three inches and Dalton Meritt (8th) 19-04 1/2

-Triple Jump: Copper Ezard (2nd) 40-01 and Cameron Bell (4th) 37-09

-Discus: Ryan Maasen (5th) 113-09, Marlin Briggs (7th) 113-02 and Mason Kinney (8th) 112-10

-Shot Put: Mason Kinney (2nd) 43-02 and Ryan Maasen (4th) 40-11

-Pole Vault: Gabe Kurtz (3rd) 14-00 and Dane Lapine (4th) 13-06

-Javelin: Trenton Flug (1st) 167-08, Gabe Kurtz (2nd) 166-10 and Mason Kinney (3rd) 146-06


-100-Meter Hurdles: Natalie Basham (1st) 15.39

-800-Meter Run: Clare Holmes (3rd) 2:30.37 and Irelyn Meckley (8th) 2:44.54

-4x100 Relay: Katie Blackman, Megan Vest, Shelby Kurtz and Natalie Basham (2nd) 52.17

-4x200 Relay: Katie Blackman, Clare Holmes, Katelyn Tibben and Natalie Basham (2nd) 1:50.11

-4x400 Relay: Clare Holmes, Sarah Holmes, Katelyn Tibben and Natalie Basham (3rd) 4:20.42


-Long Jump: Katelyn Tibben (5th) 15-11 1/2

-High Jump: Megan Vest (5th) 4-08 and Audrey Currier (8th) 4-06

-Triple Jump: Mya Hulett (1st) 33-00

-Discus: Adelyn Enos (7th) 88-08

-Shot Put: Jaclyn White (2nd) 33-02 1/2

-Pole Vault: Shelby Kurtz (4th) 9-00

-Javelin: Megan Vest (8th) 80-01

The Camdenton girls will compete at JFK Stadium in Springfield on Thursday and the boys will do the same on Friday. Both meets are scheduled for 4 p.m.