Camdenton takes on Lebanon Invitational, Eldon battles at Blair Oaks Invitational and Osage hosts open

Camdenton takes on Lebanon Invitational

There were some exciting finishes in Lebanon Friday night. 

One of them came in the boys' 4x400 relay race where Camdenton outpaced Waynesville to guarantee first place in the team rankings as the Lakers bested the field with 125 points while Waynesville turned in 123.5 in the field of 10 schools. Meanwhile, the Camdenton girls accumulated 65 points for a sixth place finish out of 12 schools while Rolla captured the crown with 131 points respectively.

Listed below are the results of each Laker who finished in the top eight and earned points for their team:


-Triple Jump: Cooper Ezard (5th) 39 feet and 10 inches

-Discus: Ryan Maasen (4th) 118-08, Marlin Briggs (5th) 118-07 and Mason Kinney (6th) 116-07 1/2

-Shot Put: Mason Kinney (2nd) 46-08, Ryan Maasen (6th) 43-05 and Marlin Briggs (8th) 42-03

-Pole Vault: Gabe Kurtz (1st) 13-00 and Dane Lapine (2nd) J13-00

-Javelin: Gabe Kurtz (1st) 176-02, Trenton Flug (2nd) 168-00 and Mason Kinney (5th) 145-05


-110-Meter Hurdles: Parker Wormek (3rd) 15.94 seconds

-300-Meter Hurdles: Parker Wormek (5th) 43.99 and Brayden Blackman (8th) 46.18

-100-Meter Dash: Eli Griffin (3rd) 11.67

-200-Meter Dash: Robert Nicklas (5th) 24.10

-800-Meter Run: Garrett Mason (2nd) 2:05.63

-3,200-Meter Run: Jake Thoenen (6th) 10:35.31

-4x100 Relay: Robert Nicklas, Eli Griffin, Gabe Kurtz and Jadin Faulconer (1st) 44.64

-4x200 Relay: Cameron Bell, Talon Randazzo, Parker Wormek and Eli Griffin (4th) 1:36.15

-4x400 Relay: Talon Randazzo, Parker Wormek, Zack Davis and Jeremeya Bell (5th) 3:50.24

-4x800 Relay: Jake Thoenen, Garrett Mason, Gage Hauck and Zack Davis (3rd) 9:01.13


-High Jump: Megan Vest (4th) 4-10

-Long Jump: Mya Hulett (6th) 14-10 and Katelyn Tibben (7th) 14-02

-Triple Jump: Mya Hulett (7th) 30-06 1/2 

-Shot Put: Jaclyn White (5th) 30-10, Katy Pitts (7th) 30-04 and Adelyn Enos (8th) 29-08

-Pole Vault: Shelby Kurtz (3rd) 8-00 and Aubree Enos (7th) J7-06

-Javelin: Megan Vest (8th) 92-01


-100-Meter Hurdles: Clare Holmes (4th) 18.06 and Sarah Holmes (8th) 18.89

-300-Meter Hurdles: Clare Holmes (2nd) 50.99 and Sarah Holmes (6th) 55.22

-800-Meter Run: Irelyn Meckley (7th) 2:46.75

-4x100 Relay: Katheryne Blackman, Megan Vest, Shelby Kurtz and Natalie Basham (1st) 52.12

-4x200 Relay: Clare Holmes, Katheryne Blackman, Katelyn Tibben and Natalie Basham (3rd) 1:52.96

-4x800 Relay: Isabella DeFranco, Ashlynn Hughes, Clare Holmes and Irelyn Meckley (7th) 12:40.2

Up next for Camdenton is a meet at Branson on Thursday.

Eldon battles at Blair Oaks Invitational

Eldon was one of 10 schools that descended upon Blair Oaks on Friday afternoon.

It was a good day for the Mustang girls who captured first in the team standings with 128 points while the boys placed 11th with three points and Sullivan took first with 135.

Listed below are the times of each Mustang who finished in the top eight and earned points for their team:


-High Jump: Grace Aulick (5th) 4 feet and 8 inches, Lauren Imler (6th) 4-08 and Chloe Ruark (7th) 4-08

-Pole Vault: Rachel Hanks (4th) 9-00

-Long Jump: Grace Aulick (5th) 14-07 1/2

-Triple Jump: Anna Herbert (4th) 30-01 1/2 and Caroline Beckmann (5th) 29-11

-Discus: Haley Clifton (3rd) 107-01 and Taylor Henderson (6th) 96-00

-Javelin: Addison Davis (2nd) 93-02 and Kenzi Bustamante (6th) 83-10

-Shot Put: Haley Clifton (1st) 38-01 and Taylor Henderson (7th) 31-06


-100-Meter Hurdles: Anna Herbert (8th) 19.36 seconds

-300-Meter Hurdles: Cassidy Prater (4th) 53.73

-100-Meter Dash: Caroline Beckmann (2nd) 13.35 and Nicole Reynolds (7th) 13.76

-200-Meter Dash: Caroline Beckmann (2nd) 28.12

-400-Meter Dash: Kristan Wilson (3rd) 1:06.18 and Alivia Beanland (8th) 1:10.78

-800-Meter Run: Lauren Imler (1st) 2:36.35

-1,600-Meter Run: Emily Guthrie (3rd) 5:59.12 and Mariah Wardenburg (8th) 6:20.95

-3,200-Meter Run: Emily Guthrie (4th) 13:26.09 and Kelsey Wallis (8th) 13:57.19

-4x100 Relay: Nicole Reynolds, Kristan Wilson, Anna Herbert and Cassidy Prater (6th) 56.09

-4x200 Relay: Elizabeth Rush, Alivia Beanland, Grace Aulick and Rachel Hanks (7th) 2:00.11

-4x400 Relay: Nicole Reynolds, Kristan Wilson, Alivia Beanland and Lauren Imler (3rd) 4:32.93

-4x800 Relay: Kelsey Wallis, Mariah Wardenburg, Savannah Holder and Haley Thompson (5th) 11:25.45


-1,600-Meter Run: Aidan Gerber (6th) 5:04.39

Eldon will return to action on April 1 with a meet at Versailles.

Osage hosts open

Osage hosted Crocker, Dixon, Eugene and Southern Boone in an open meet on Friday where no team scores were kept.

Listed below are the results of each Indian who finished in the top five:


-High Jump: Natalie Wood (1st) 4 feet and 10 inches

-Long Jump: Natalie Wood (1st) 15-09 1/4

-Triple Jump: Kerrigan Gamm (2nd) 31-09 3/4 and Liberty Gamm (5th) 29-09 3/4

-Discus: Karli Kempf (4th) 79-08

-Shot Put: Kerrigan Gamm (1st) 34-05 and Karli Kempf (3rd) 30-01 1/2

-Javelin: Karli Kempf (2nd) 108-05 and Kerrigan Gamm (3rd) 105-01


-300-Meter Hurdles: Liberty Gamm (2nd) 53.77 seconds

-200-Meter Dash: Natalie Wood (3rd) 29.32

-800-Meter Run: Sara Wolf (1st) 2:37.09

-3,200-Meter Run: Micah Hill (1st) 13:46.31

-1,600-Meter Run: Sarah Porter (1st) 6:04.3 and Annie Bridgeman (3rd) 8:10.96

-4x800 Relay: Grace Edwards, Micah Hill, Sarah Porter and Sara Wolf (1st) 1:47.12


-High Jump: Drew Edwards (2nd) 5-04

-Long Jump: Matthew Hans (1st) 18-07

-Triple Jump: Drew Edwards (2nd) 37-00 3/4

-Discus: Rudy Escobar (1st) 123-07, Jesse Velaszquez (2nd) 123-02 and Franklin Sallee (5th) 104-03

-Shot Put: Franklin Sallee (1st) 35-05

-Pole Vault: Aaron Cuddy (3rd) 9-00 and Corey Hubkey (4th) 9-00

-Javelin: Matthew McCubbin (1st) 139-05 and Drew Edwards (3rd) 133-09


-100-Meter Dash: Jesse Wermuth (2nd) 11.97

-200-Meter Dash: Colin Chilton (1st) 25.03

-800-Meter Run: Steven Vickers (3rd) 2:16.58

-1,600-Meter Run: Chase Grosvenor (2nd) 5:09.6

-4x200 Relay: Matthew Hans, Colin Chilton, Jesse Wermuth and Ryan Watson (2nd) 1:39.96

-4x800 Relay: Harrison Adams, Chase Grosvenor, Steven Vickers and Kevin Sparks (3rd) 9:45.41

Up next for Osage is a meet at Blair Oaks on Firday at 4 p.m.