Defensive coordinator Aaron Allen and linemen coach Tony Piercy join the coaching staff in 2018

Another season is on the horizon and there are a couple of new faces on the coaching staff at Versailles.

The Tigers will have a new defensive coordinator in Aaron Allen and a new linemen coach in Tony Piercy, but a change in personnel is nothing new for Head Coach Broc Silvers who has worked with 17 different people in the course of his nine-year career patrolling the sidelines as an assistant and head man.

“Change in this profession is inevitable,” Silvers noted. “Sometimes people move for new jobs because of family circumstances or other various things. It’s like getting new players into your program or players graduating.

“The hardest thing for new guys is learning the system in which they are going to coach and I had the same transition learning the Wing-T system at Eldon. The coaches have to work hard in the summer learning before the players arrive and for most of them it just takes time.”

However, the two new guys on the block have seemingly fit right in this summer without skipping a beat.

“Most of our guys knew Coach Piercy so that was not a big transition for him or the players and Coach Allen has been here since May and has gotten to know the players through practices, camps and the weight room this summer,” Silvers said. “I feel like our players have picked up on both of our new coaches’ energy and passion. They know the new coaches care about them as people and that is the first step in coaching.”

A transition is also made a little easier if the new guys already have a relationship with the head coach.

Allen came to Versailles from Butler High School where he served as a defensive coordinator and head track coach for the past nine years. Silvers had met Allen, who was a roommate of a former Versailles coach, at previous coaching clinics and track meets and Allen’s wife, a kindergarten teacher, happened to be a graduate of Versailles so Silvers described it as a “perfect fit.”

As for Piercy, Silvers has known the line coach since he first came to Versailles about six years ago and he has worked with his wife in the physical education department. Silvers has also previously coached the son and stepsons of the Versailles alumnus who played football for the Tigers so the head coach is hoping the previous relationship will make the transition even quicker.

Coaches may come and go, but the goals always remain the same.

One is to coach football to the best of their abilities and help the players to be in a position to make plays.

“We are all our players’ biggest fans and we want to see them succeed. Football is an intense sport, practices can be hard and there is always corrections to be made, but we have to step back and make sure we are positive with our guys and make playing football an enjoyable experience for them,” Silvers pointed out. “We will never win as many games as we would like, but hopefully 10 years from now when a guy leaves our program, he can look back and have some great memories of his time playing for the Versailles Tigers.”

The other goal is to help any player who comes through the program to go on and lead a successful life.

“We as coaches understand that we can teach many life lessons through the game of football. Winning games, being selected for honors and breaking school records will not give you a free pass in life, but hopefully learning how to persevere, work hard and work as a member of a team will help them become better husbands, fathers and citizens after their football careers.”

The new guys on the block will certainly look to do just that.