Indian boys and girls defend home turf and win home meet while Macks Creek boys and girls finish 14th

Osage was on home turf Thursday night for the annual Warpath Relays and the Indians did not disappoint as the boys bested a field of 15 and the girls beat out 16 other schools to complete the sweep. 

The Osage boys accumulated 155 team points and finished with 79 more points than second place Dixon while the girls put up 188.5 points and finished well ahead of Eugene by 87.5 points. The Macks Creek boys and girls both finished 14th in the final standings as the boys put up 16 points and the girls finished with 10 respectively.

Listed below are the top eight athletes of each event who medaled and earned points for the Indians and Pirates:


-High Jump: Macks Creek's BRaden Bowman (2nd) 5 feet and 10 inches

-Pole Vault: Osage's Aaron Cuddy (2nd) 11-06 and Osage's Corey Hubkey (7th) 8-06

-Long Jump: Osage's Mason Etter (5th) 19-10 1/2

-Discus: Osage's Rudy Escobar (5th) 113-10 and Osage's Jesse Velasquez (6th) 110-06

-Shot Put: Osage's Alexander Bradley (2nd) 43-00, Osage's Robert Moore (3rd) 41-10, Osage's James Hutchcraft (6th) 40-00 and Osage's Matthew Russell (8th) 36-08

-Javelin: Osage's Mason Etter (4th) 126-02 and Osage's Drew Edwards (8th) 119-06


-110-Meter Hurdles: Osage's Garrett Sutherland (1st) 15.96 seconds and Osage's Trevor Cotten (3rd) 17.51 

-300-Meter Hurdles: Osage's Garrett Sutherland (1st) 44.25 and Osage's Trevor Cotten (3rd) 45.34

-100-Meter Dash: Osage's Matthew Hans (2nd) 11.21, Macks Creek's Braden Bowman (4th) 11.4 and Osage's Hunter Neiman (7th) 11.45

-200-Meter Dash: Osage's Josh McCubbin (2nd) 23.73, Osage's Ian Marsh (4th) 24.34 and Macks Creek's Braden Bowman (6th) 24.46

-400-Meter Dash: Osage's Josh McCubbin (4th) 54.33 and Osage's Mason Etter (8th) 56.58

-800-Meter Run: Osage's Derrick Puckett (3rd) 2:15.17 and Osage's Steven Vickers (7th) 2:19.79

-1,600-Meter Run: Osage's Chase Grosvenor (7th) 5:03 and Osage's Derrick Puckett (8th) 5:07.35

-3,200-Meter Run: Osage's Chase Grosvenor (3rd) 10:49.41 and Osage's Derrick Puckett (4th) 11:18.83

-4x100 Relay: Osage's Matthew Hans, Jackson Myers, Matthew Kinnison and Hunter Neiman (2nd) 45.68

-4x200 Relay: Osage's Matthew Hans, Jackson Myers, Josh McCubbin and Matthew Kinnison (2nd) 1:34.49

-4x400 Relay: Osage's Matthew Hans, Jackson Myers, Aaron Evans and Garrett Sutherland (1st) 3:37.95

-4x800 Relay: Osage's Chase Grosvenor, Derrick Puckett, Steven Vickers and Ian Marsh (4th) 9:16.76


-High Jump: Osage's Carley Hambly (T-6th) 4-04

-Pole Vault: Osage's Eliza Koeppen (2nd) 8-00

-Long Jump: Osage's Loren Melton (2nd) 15-11 1/2 and Macks Creek's Madeline Phillips (7th) 14-05 1/4

-Triple Jump: Osage's Kerrigan Gamm (2nd) 32-04 1/4, Osage's Liberty Gamm (6th) 30-03 3/4 and Osage's Elizabeth Groos (8th) 29-03 1/2

-Discus: Osage's Karli Kempf (2nd) 96-10 and Osage's Jolyn Garrison (6th) 80-10

-Shot Put: Osage's Kerrigan Gamm (3rd) 31-00, Osage's Jylian Lake (5th) 28-09 and Osage's Katelyn Sheats (7th) 28-04

-Javelin: Osage's Kerrigan Gamm (2nd) 98-00 and Osage's Karli Kempf (3rd) 96-09


-100-Meter Hurdles: Osage's Liberty Gamm (4th) 18.44

-300-Meter Hurdles: Osage's Liberty Gamm (3rd) 53.45

-100-Meter Dash: Osage's Cecilia Verslues (1st) 12.75 and Osage's Loren Melton (2nd) 12.77

-200-Meter Dash: Osage's Cecilia Verslues (2nd) 27.31

-400-Meter Dash: Osage's Sara Wolf (3rd) 1:04.95, Macks Creek's Madeline Phillips (4th) 1:05.17 and Macks Creek's Alexia Mayer (8th) 1:12.71

-800-Meter Run: Osage's Karlie Minnehan (1st) 2:35.96 and Osage's Sara Wolf (4th) 2:44.04

-1,600-Meter Run: Osage's Micah Hill (2nd) 6:00.19 and Osage's Sarah Porter (5th) 6:07.61

-3,200-Meter Run: Osage's Micah Hill (1st) 12:53.82 and Osage's Sarah Porter (2nd) 13:06.58

-4x100 Relay: Osage's Georgia Verslues, Grace Edwards, Paige Rowland and Loren Melton (1st) 52.39 and Macks Creek's Mackenzie Hicks, Alexia Mayer, Madeline Phillips and Shaylee Skinner (7th) 56.64

-4x200 Relay: Osage's Georgia Verslues, Loren Melton, Paige Rowland and Cecilia Verslues (1st) 1:51.58

-4x400 Relay: Osage's Elizabeth Groos, Paige Rowland, Sara Wolf and Georgia Verslues (2nd) 4:25.95

-4x800 Relay: Osage's Grace Edwards, Micah Hill, Karlie Minnehan and Sara Wolf (2nd) 10:38.74

School of the Osage will return to action on Thursday at 4 p.m., for the Tri-County Conference meet at Versailles. Meanwhile, Macks Creek will be in postseason action on Saturday for districts at Russellville.