Defending state champion Laker girls capture first

The Camdenton girls’ track and field team has not skipped a beat.

The defending state champions were in action with the boys’ team and Macks Creek on Friday night in Lebanon and the Laker girls bested the field of 13 total teams decisively with 131.83 points while no other team earned more than 97 and Macks Creek claimed 10th with five points respectively.

In the boys’ competition, Waynesville won the meet with 159 points out of 11 teams while Camdenton took third at 117.5 points and Macks Creek came in 11th with 6.5 points of their own.

The top eight finishers of each event who earned points are listed below:


-High Jump: Camdenton’s Megan Vest (T-1st) 5 feet and 2 inches and Camdenton’s Sara McDuffey (8th) 4-06

-Pole Vault: Camdenton’s MacKenzie Scott (2nd) 9-06, Camdenton’s Shelby Kurtz (T-4th) 8 feet and Camdenton’s Aubree Enos (T-8th) 7-06

-Long Jump: Macks Creek’s Madeline Phillips (7th) 13-11 1/4

-Triple Jump: Camdenton’s MacKenzie Scott (2nd) 31-09 and Camdenton’s Abbie Miller (5th) 30-08

-Discus: Camdenton’s Karli Wolfe (7th) 79-08

-Javelin: Camdenton’s Shelby Kurtz (7th) 85-03


-100-Meter Hurdles: Camdenton’s Natalie Basham (1st) 15.86 seconds and Kylie Meier (2nd) 16.12 seconds

-300-Meter Hurdles: Camdenton’s Kylie Meier (1st) 46.39 seconds, Camdenton’s Natalie Basham (2nd) 47.68 seconds and Camdenton’s Clare Holmes (5th) 48.72 seconds

-100-Meter Dash: Camdenton’s Grace Wormek (1st) 12.77 seconds and Camdenton’s Katie Blackman (5th) 13.49 seconds

-200 Meter Dash: Camdenton’s Grace Wormek (1st) 26.89 seconds and Camdenton’s Katie Blackman (3rd) 28.09 seconds

-400 Meter Dash: Camdenton’s Darby Roam (7th) 1:07.79 and Macks Creek’s Madeline Phillips (8th) 1:08.2

-4x100 Relay: Camdenton’s Katie Blackman, Megan Vest, Abbie Miller and Shelby Kurtz (2nd) 53.55 seconds; Macks Creek’s Mackenzie Hicks, Shaylee Skinner, Alexia Mayer and Bailey Taylor (7th) 59.25 seconds

-4x200 Relay: Camdenton’s Kylie Meier, Natalie Basham, Grace Wormek and Katie Blackman (1st) 1:48.52

-4x400 Relay: Camdenton’s Natalie Basham, Grace Wormek, Clare Holmes and Kylie Meier (1st) 4:14.57

-4x800 Relay: Camdenton’s Darby Roam, Amanda Siegel, Elise Hentz and Clare Holmes (5th) 11:14


-High Jump: Macks Creek’s Braden Bowman (T-3rd) 5-08

-Pole Vault: Camdenton’s Gabe Kurtz (1st) 12 feet and Camdenton’s Blake Lapine (T-3rd) 10-06

-Long Jump: Camdenton’s Todd Simpson (4th) 18-11 and Camdenton’s Andrew Butts (5th) 18-09 1/4

-Triple Jump: Camdenton’s Copper Ezard (8th) 37-05

-Discus: Camdenton’s Josh Semau (7th) 117-07

-Shot Put: Camdenton’s Todd Simpson (3rd) 46-07 and Camdenton’s Josh Semau (8th) 41-07

-Javelin: Camdenton’s Gabe Kurtz (2nd) 157-06


-110-Meter Hurdles: Camdenton’s Parker Wormek (3rd) 16.45 seconds

-300-Meter Hurdles: Camdenton’s Christopher Morgan (2nd) 42.65 seconds and Camdenton’s Parker Wormek (5th) 44.39 seconds

-100-Meter Dash: Camdenton’s Jacob Hill (3rd) 11.35 seconds and Camdenton’s Eli Griffin (5th) 11.57 seconds

-200-Meter Dash: Macks Creek’s Braden Bowman (7th) 24.67 seconds

-400-Meter Dash: Camdenton’s Mason Bowles: (1st) 53.6 seconds and Camdenton’s Coleman Baker (5th) 55.04 seconds

-1600-Meter Run: Camdenton’s Garrett Mason (5th) 4:55.44

-3200-Meter Run: Camdenton’s Garrett Mason (5th) 10:51.98

-4x100 Relay: Camdenton’s Jacob Hill, Eli Griffin, Robert Nicklas and Gabe Kurtz (2nd) 44.68 seconds; Macks Creek’s Kaiedon Bentch, Grant English, Braden Bowman and Tristan Roberts (8th) 53.75 seconds

-4x200 Relay: Camdenton’s Coleman Baker, Jaben Shockley, Mason Bowles and Christopher Morgan (7th) 1:40

-4x400 Relay: Camdenton’s Coleman Baker, Gabe Kurtz, Mason Bowles and Jacob Hill (1st) 3:37.97

-4x800 Relay: Camdenton’s Garrett Mason, Jake Thoenen, Richard Zago and Logan Morse (4th) 9:14.81

Macks Creek will be back in action on Tuesday at Waynesville for a meet at 3 p.m. The Camdenton girls will be at Glendale on April 5 at 4 p.m., and both Laker teams will compete at Hillcrest the following day at 4 p.m.