Laker quarterback to take his next snaps with the Warriors

When Camdenton senior Isaiah Lumley moved to Camdenton in the third grade, he decided to pick up a football. He could hardly be found without one in his hands ever since.

After a little encouragement from his peers, including senior running back Jay Griffin, the future Camdenton quarterback gave the sport a try and has been in love ever since.

“I fell in love with the process of working hard, wanting to be the best and becoming the best I could,” Lumley said. “I eventually wanted to play college ball and I have the opportunity now so I’m excited about it.”

That drive and passion led the senior to Division III Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee and he made it official on Monday afternoon as he signed with the Warriors among his family, friends, teammates and coaches in attendance.

Good thing he had plenty of passion and drive, too, because at 5-foot-9 and 160 pounds, nothing certainly came easy for him. However, those traits also developed the kind of person he would be off the field as well.

“I’ve never been the biggest or the strongest so I’ve just had to work harder than everybody and I have,” Lumley remarked. “That has kind of got me ready, not just as far as football and athletics, but academics and putting a lot of time in for family and friends. It took a lot of hard work because a lot of things are not just given to you.

“It is about making other people better and the only way you can really do that is if you make yourself better in a sense as well.”

And when it comes to being a good teammate, Camdenton coach Jeff Shore said that trait is one of Lumley’s best qualities. Joining a bunch of new teammates at Wisconsin Lutheran College, Shore said the quarterback should make a great addition.

“His whole time here I can’t ever remember anything negative coming out of his mouth. He is very supportive of other players and other players who have played the same position,” the coach noted. “Since he was a sophomore he has played quarterback for us off and on and that is a position where one guy plays. He has always been supportive of anyone in front of him or behind him. He is a great teammate, a really good kid and he is going to be super positive.”

But that is not all that describes Lumley as the school in Milwaukee will also be getting a devoted student of the game and his position. There is a lot the senior has learned from taking snaps and leading his offense down the field.

“Relentless hard work and being the first guy at practice and the last to leave,” the senior said of what it takes to play quarterback. “Being the guy everyone can come talk to, having a good leadership mentality and having the ‘It Factor.’ Being able to be a good friend to not just my teammates, but be a positive role model in the community and leave a good impact. That has been important to me.”

Shore said Lumley has already accomplished that during his time at Camdenton by the example he set for the younger players.

“I think he really established a great work ethic for my future quarterbacks and I have him work with some of our younger guys as well. Just trying to perfect his craft, I think he is going to leave that legacy so I appreciate that about him.

“He does an excellent job with coaching guys and the mechanics of playing quarterback. It is something he has really taken an interest in and has become an expert in for his age, so I am happy he is going to get this opportunity to play and continue on.”

That certainly bodes well for someone who intends to go into coaching and that is precisely what Lumley would like to pursue while he studies business and education. The senior said he had a great experience during his visit to the school and he plans to do his graduate assistant program after four more years on the gridiron.

“I’m super excited. I’ve always wanted to play at the collegiate level so I am really looking forward to it,” the senior said. “I’m wanting to coach someday as well and Wisconsin Lutheran had everything I was looking for as far as the school goes.

“There is a great big world out there and I love the Lake, but I am excited to go see more of the world. It (Wisconsin Lutheran) is right by Milwaukee so it is not like I am in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin,” he added. “I loved the guys I got to meet and the coaching staff was great. They are giving me a good opportunity to go up there and make a difference. I just really loved it up there and I pretty much fell in love with it when I saw it and started talking with the coaches.”

And although Lumley may be over eight hours and 529 miles away from Camdenton, a longtime teammate and good friend of his in fellow senior Grant Norton will be a little bit closer playing football for the University of Minnesota about five hours and 328 miles down the road.

“Grant is one of my best friends and we already made some plans. I’ll probably end up going over and seeing him more so than him coming and seeing me unless we go to a (Milwaukee) Bucks game or something,” Lumley said with a smile. “Besides that, we are pretty excited to be pretty close considering a lot of us are going off in different directions. That is encouraging to know I’ll be able to maintain a really good friendship with him.”

And in another sign of encouragement, Shore said his former quarterback should have no trouble pursuing all of his future endeavors if his time at Camdenton is any indication.

“I’m real happy for him. He works so hard and is a really good mechanically sound quarterback,” the coach pointed out. “He is one of the hardest working guys we’ve had go through here working on his skills and those types of things. I think he’ll do fantastic and I think he wants to coach later on so it is a good springboard for him.”

However, Lumley will not forget his past and what it was like to be a Laker and strap on the pads at Bob Shore Stadium every Friday night. It is something he will surely miss.

“Playing Camdenton football was incredibly fun and I loved every second of it. I loved getting to play for Coach Shore when I was 10 years old to right now,” he said. “It was great and I am going to remember it for the rest of my life.

“We just have a tradition and a lot of past that kind of makes a Friday night here what it is opposed to a different school where there is barely anybody sitting in the crowd. We are sold out every Friday night and everybody kind of locks up the community and heads to Bob Shore Stadium,” the senior added. “A lot of schools don’t get to see that so working hard and being the best to get on the field is what it is all about. I loved it and I’m excited and grateful that I got to be a part of it.”

And in parting words of advice to his younger teammates, Lumley would preach that same message as far as doing what it takes to earn a spot beneath the Friday night lights.

“Enjoy every second of it, it flies by for sure. They all say that, but it is 100 percent true,” the senior remarked. “I just loved working hard for them (coaches) and that is all you have to do. It does not matter how big, small or fast you are, if you are going to put in more work than anybody then you can make a difference on the field.”