Three cheerleaders from the Lake of the Ozarks are part of a group of 19 cheerleaders from Capitol City Cheer that earned a bid to compete at the 2018 Division 2 Cheerleading Summit in Walt Disney World Florida. The D2 Summit is an invite-only, national championship where teams from across the country will face-off from May 11-13. This is the first time a mid-Missouri team has reached the D2 Summit.

The team, named Master Sergeants, recorded the highest score out of all the 68 Division 2 teams at a two-day event in St. Louis on November 17-18 to secure their bid to the prestigious final competition.

Master Sergeants consists of 19 girls, all under the age of 14 from across mid-Missouri. This team will compete four more times across the state this season before heading to Florida in next May, the next of which being Saturday, Dec. 9 at the LINC on Lincoln University’s Campus in Jefferson City.

Congratulations to the following Lake-area athletes on their achievement:

Ellie Gattermeier, daughter of Ryan and Jen Gattermeier; Dakota Lafata, daughter of Rick and Traci Lafata; Taylor Rassenfoss, daughter of Ed and Kim Rassenfoss.

Their team members from across mid-Missouri include:

Adriauna Barger

Kaylee Curry

Ada Dubois

K’Lee Dubois

Destini Duren

Madison Hancock

Aubrey Mcguire

Ciara Middleton

Victoria Ortiz

Olivia Randolph

Mackenzie Sartain

Zoey Spencer

Alyssa Stegeman

Lyla Stratman

Claire Thurnau

Caroline Young

According to Ellie Gattermeier, “We were screaming and jumping around when we saw our name appear on the screen during the live-stream reveal last Monday night.” Taylor Rassenfoss added, “It’s going to be an experience we’ll never forget!”

Capitol City Cheer has been a part of the Jefferson City community for 15 years. Recently under the new ownership and direction of Capitol Kids LLC, the gym has expanded to offer American Ninja Warrior training and classes. Capitol Kids is located off Ellis Blvd behind the Sonic and Break Time at, 1911 Ford St., Jefferson City, MO 65101.