Happy with our schools, not as much with governing entities.


At a time when our economy seems to be in flux and some question the worth of a college education, it is good to see the Camdenton School District and other lake area districts turning their attention to better preparing students for the 21st century. Camdenton Schools promoted coding and computer science with various events throughout the week. We’ll have more in-depth coverage of this next week.


Lake area licensing and permitting entities (part of local governments) that oversee things like life safety building codes, zoning and business licensing work hard at their jobs, but we believe they could all do a better job of communicating from one group to the next and backing each other up. This is especially important on enforcement issues. If you’re going to have rules, it’s important they be applied equally, otherwise it is not fair to those who follow the rules. Working together to enforce the rules is one aspect of accomplishing that.


Another week, another issue at the Camden County Courthouse. Despite our lack of stories over the last few days about happenings there, it’s not for lack of trying. All of the commissioners are either missing in action or not returning phone calls.