Ryan Bridges

Please provide some background including where you live, work history that may relate to your political endeavor, education, military, family, etc.

I am a lifelong resident of Camden County, graduating from School of the Osage in 1999.  I received my degree in Mathematics at Rockhurst University and my law degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law.  After law school, I came back home with my wife, Jessica, to raise our family.  We have two children, Elanor and Nicholas.  I have 15 years of legal experience.  While some attorneys spend their whole careers on in area of law, I have a wide-ranging practice and experience in each and every type of law that an Associate Circuit Judge handles.  People may think of criminal cases when they think of courtrooms and Judges, but Associate Circuit Judges hear a wide variety of cases: Misdemeanor Criminal Cases, Civil cases under $25,000.00, Probate Matters, Divorces and Paternity actions, Small Claims cases, Orders of Protection as well as many other duties.  My experience will allow me to have a well-rounded view of the law from the bench.