Snoopy painting

This year’s holiday design will be an illustration of the Peanuts character “Snoopy” sleeping on his Christmas-decorated dog house.

A community effort to encourage people to shop small during the holidays has taken off to include an entertaining Shop Hop to get you in the festive mood this season.

The Community Art League and the Camdenton Chamber of Commerce sponsors the Christmas Shop Hop event each year.

Artists of the League include Bill Wood of Bill’s Art Center and Gallery, Doug Bibles a prominent woodcarver, and Bonnie Black a fiber artist who also sits on the City Council of Camdenton. These artists visit Camdenton businesses to recruit them for the event. The recruitment effort allows business owners to meet artists in the community.

As a Camdenton business owner, Wood saw this as a cost-effective, fun, and profitable way to achieve relationships between artists and business owners. The Camdenton Chamber helped launch the program in 2017 and continues to help each year.

The Christmas Shop Hop will be held November 27 to coincide with the nation-wide “Shop Small” day. The event will end on December 17. Last year more than 45 locations participated in the Hop but the list of businesses changes each year.

How to Hop

Anyone can pick up an official ticket at a participating businesses or at the Camdenton Chamber of Commerce. Contestants take their tickets into participating businesses for validation. The more businesses visited, the better the chances are of winning a prize. The grand prize is $350.

Participants must be 18 years or older to participate. Additional rules for the contest are printed on the tickets.

Each business pays a $25 participation fee that goes into the prize pot. Each year a festive illustration is created that participating businesses display on or in their business. This year’s holiday design is an illustration of the Peanuts character “Snoopy” sleeping on his Christmas-decorated dog house.

Hoppers must visit all participating businesses to qualify for the grand prize. Other prizes include three $100 and five $50 awards. Depending on the amount of money pooled, several $25 prizes will be awarded.

“Our goal in creating the Christmas Shop Hop was to help Camdenton businesses establish a potential new customer base,” Wood said. “By having contestants bring their tickets into participating businesses to be stamped or signed, they get to see what each shop has to offer. From the business perspective, getting new customers into your business will help your business grow. From the customer perspective, this contest allows patrons to see what Camdenton businesses have to offer.”

About the Art League

Although the Christmas Shop Hop is their primary focus, the Camdenton Art League, along with local artists, painted and displayed Christmas-themed art work on the square in Camdenton for the past two seasons. The league and the City of Camdenton also supported the first Plein Air Arts Festival at Lake of the Ozarks this summer. History has shown that cities and towns who support the arts have become stronger communities, Wood said.

Shop Hop Info

For more information about the Christmas Shop Hop, go to or 573-317-1010.