New pizzeria serves by the slice.

Pizza is big business. American’s pizza market generated an estimated $47 billion in revenue in 2019, according to a report from Americans at the Lake added their fair share of those dollars.
Now in 2020, the Lake has another pizza place to enrich not only the economy, but appetites, too. Located just above the dam, Dam Good Slice offers big pizzas, New York style.
A New York pizza crust is thinner than most original crust pizzas, but only just thick enough to hold hot cheese, veggies, and meat in place while a wide slice, folded in the middle, is lifted with one hand to an open mouth. That crust should give way when bitten, but still hold its shape and delicious ingredients. That’s the kind of pizza that owners Bryan and Derrick Deitrick, father and son, wanted to share at the Lake. They brought in Rick Massie as head chef to get the job done. He can often be seen entertaining diners as he throws the dough higher and higher in order to aerate and stretch it for best texture.
Massie crafted a sauce to complement the meat and cheeses. According to Deitrick, it’s just a touch sweeter than others, a good contrast to the savory ingredients enjoyed by pizza lovers everywhere.
Dam Good Slice also serves sandwiches and salads, including a gyro sandwich and an Aegean salad. Both feature in-house gyro meat shaved from the hive. So does the Aegean pizza. Deitrick says authentic flavors and fresh gyro are important at Dam Good Slice. He wants the restaurant to be a place known for fun and good food.
Completing a lunch or dinner meal of pizza, sandwich, or salad, customers can choose from an array of craft beers, standard brands, and cocktails at a brand new bar built for the Dam Good Slice. Whether seated at that bar, on the patio outside, or a table indoors, customers enjoy live music all weekend, every weekend. As the weekend winds down, they can buy a blue solo cup for $10 to enjoy “Bottomless PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) Sundays.”
One room in the new restaurant and bar is dedicated to vintage arcade games. A pool table and classic electronic games such as Golden Tee Golf, Skee Ball, Old School Shuffleboard, and Foosball are waiting for an afternoon kids’ party or nighttime adult competition. Dam Good Slice also has space for businesses to meet. The Lake Chamber has been holding a meeting there, and other groups are welcome to set a time and date for their meetings.
Deitrick was a convention manager for 12 years prior to partnering with his dad to make Dam Good Slice come to life. The staff that helped build a new bar and kitchen while refurbishing and renovating the building space is on hand to serve and greet customers now. They may not be family in the technical sense, but they are a Dam Good Slice family. They welcome customers to feel at home and eat good food made from high-end ingredients, including that gyro meat.

Dam Good Slice Pizza Restaurant and Bar
1097 Bagnell Dam Blvd., Lake Ozark
Open Daily 11 a.m.-1 a.m. Monday through Saturday
Sunday close midnight. Kitchen closes at 10 p.m.