According to the court documents, Horseman initially denied supplying the fentanyl to Srejma.

Court documents indicate the woman charged with second-degree murder in the death of  Coralie M Srejma of Lake Ozark from a fentanyl overdose, is or has been named in other drug probes including a reference to a federal investigation. 

Kendra M. Ryder Horseman was charged late last week in the death of Srejma, 28, following a year-long investigation. The 28-year-old woman's body was found at a relative's house where she had been staying on Cornett Rd on June 29, 2019.

Horseman was charged in Camden County after an autopsy determined Srejma died when she choked to death after taking a lethal amount of fentanyl. Deputies stated in the court documents they had responded to the same residence on prior occasions. Srejma was known to have an opiate addiction. Statements in the court documents said Srejma had previously told deputies she had used heroin and fentanyl. Those same documents said Srejma had received "numerous" Narcan treatments from prior overdoses. 

Srejma had also shared with officers that Horseman was making "weekly" trips to purchase "large amounts" of drugs and bringing them back to the lake area to sell. 

During the year-long investigation, detectives were able to identify the source and supplier of the Fentanyl, tracing it back to Horseman. 

The Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force confirmed to Camden County that Horseman was involved in an investigation for selling narcotics. Within 24 hours of that conversation, a confidential informant contacted the drug task force. Horseman was taken into custody in Miller County. Investigators believed she was on her way to make a buy when she was arrested. 

According to the court documents, Horseman initially denied supplying the fentanyl to Srejma. Horseman said she didn't know what happened to the phone she had been using at the time of Srejma's death, During the course of her questioning, after learning detectives had taken the victim's cell phone, she admitted to dealing drugs to Srejma. According to Horseman, Srejma had dated her brother.

Horseman allegedly told investigators she knew there were several people upset with her about Srejma's death but she didn't think that she should be the only one in trouble. She said she hadn't thought about the drugs she was selling causing a death.  

Horseman told investigators she was also addicted and would make trips to purchase $5,000 worth of pills for $3 each. She sold them for $17 a pill. 

Searches of the room where Srejma was living and at Horseman's residence in Sunrise Beach turned up a substantial amount of evidence supporting the drug allegations. 

Horseman is charged with one count of Murder in the 2nd Degree Involuntary Manslaughter. She is currently serving 8 years in prison on a parole violation for prior felony distribution charges.