Two weeks into the school year, it’s clear that COVID isn’t going anyway. None of the lake school districts at this point have moved entirely to at-home learning, but the majority as of Sept. 2 have confirmed multiple positive COVID cases.

Two weeks into the school year, it’s clear that COVID isn’t going anyway. None of the lake school districts at this point have moved entirely to at-home learning, but the majority as of Sept. 2 have confirmed multiple positive COVID cases.

In Eldon, the school district has confirmed a positive COVID case in both a student and a staff member. In a letter to district families, Superintendent Matt Davis said:

“Dear Families:

The Eldon School District received notification that an employer at South Elementary School has tested positive for COVID-19. We have also been notified that a high school student has tested positive of COVID-19. It is our understanding that neither of these people was experiencing symptoms while at school. School staff is following district protocols and are working with the Miller County Health Department to determine close contacts. All close contacts will be contacts by the Health Department. If you were not contacted by the Health Department then you were not determined to be a close contact. We will continue cleaning and disinfecting all areas. We will also continue to work with the Miller County Health Department to determine any additional steps necessary to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Is it important that you evaluate your child’s health every morning. Before they leave for school, check for a fever and monitor other conditions to determine if your student is will enough for class. Everyone’s response to these situations will help determine our future success.”

In Versailles on Wednesday morning, the same fate was seen as in Eldon. Morgan County R-II has confirmed a teacher and a student at Versailles Elementary have tested positive for COVID-19. In a letter released to the community, Superintendent Steven Barnes said the following:

“Dear Tiger Families,

We received notification that we have a teacher and student at Versailles Elementary (main campus) that has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. We are cooperating with the Morgan County Health Department to aid in contact tracing. The Health Department has already started contacting those considered close contact and plan to have the investigation wrapped up this morning. If you were considered a close contact they will be calling you. Our staff will continue to support the work of the Health Department and take necessary steps to sanitize our buildings. We ask parents to continue to screen their children daily, checking for fever or other symptoms and to keep them home if they are not feeling well.


As you know we are only allowed to release certain information to respect the privacy of those directly involved. We are, however, committed to keeping our families informed when and how we can. To stay informed remember to check our website and various social media platforms often, sign up for School Messenger texts if you have not done so, and keep our offices up to date on any contact information changes you may have.”

Camdenton R-III has now had their masks ruling implemented within the schools for over a week. Even so, Superintendent Tim Hadfield confirmed that as of Wednesday morning, the district has seven positive cases with 55 people in quarantine. No further statement was provided. 

Of the districts that responded, Macks Creek was the only that did not currently have a positive case. Superintendent Josh Phillips provided the following statement:

“As we are in the middle of our second full week of the school year, we do not have any positive cases at Macks Creek School. We continue to closely monitor everyone and adhere to our COVID-19 reopening plan. We appreciate the diligence of our school community and ask families to continue to take steps to stay safe and monitor children for symptoms. We ask if children are  experiencing any of the following symptoms, parents keep them home (and contact a medical provider for further instructions): feeling unwell, 

cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever-like symptoms such as body aches, body chills and/or sweating,

temperature over 100.4, muscle pain, headache, chills or repeated shaking from chills, runny nose/congestion, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. We also caution families, if any of these symptoms are sudden or severe they seek immediate medical attention. 

Lastly, as we prepare for our first middle school basketball game of the season, we would like our fans to know they will all be required to have their temperatures taken at the door and have adequate face cover to wear when they are not seated. Fans will also be asked to sit in socially distant family groups.”

School of the Osage Superintendent Dr. Laura Nelson released the following letter to parents on Wednesday afternoon, confirming multiple positive cases:

"Dear School of the Osage Students, Families, and Community-

We have received notification that two Osage High School students have tested positive for COVID-19. We are cooperating with the local health departments to aid in the contact tracing, which has already started and is expected to be wrapped up by tomorrow. You will be contacted directly by the health department if you or your student is considered a close contact.

As a reminder, the Osage plan for this school year is to be able to provide continuity of instruction PreK-12. We anticipate that each time there is a contact tracing effort connected to one of our students or staff members, some number of them may be directed to quarantine at home. We want to assure you that our plan for this year was designed to help us accommodate a variety of scenarios.

Individual students on quarantine will be supported by using a variety of resources including Canvas, Zoom, Remind and/or packets of materials to stay in touch with their teachers and engage in their learning.

In the event that seated attendance in any given building dips below 75% that building will pivot to distance learning for a minimum of 1-4 days. This pivot to full distance learning would be undertaken to minimize the potential spread of illness, provide for additional sanitation, and ensure continuity of instruction.

Building level student activities/practices will also take place virtually on days buildings are not open for seated instruction.

Staff attendance and other local health considerations are being monitored and could also trigger the pivot to distance learning.

Decisions will be made on a building by building basis.

We continue to be committed to providing you with as much information as we are able to share. Keeping students and staff safe, healthy, and in school as much as possible this year is our chief goal. We assure you that we will continue to collaborate with the local health directors and update procedures as local conditions warrant."