Diane Erwin of Fountain Apartments has been awarded the Lake Bloomers Yard of Merit.

Lake Bloomers Release:

This summer, as I passed the Fountains Apartments on “0” Road, I kept noticing something was different about the place. It had become an eyecatcher for me as I drove by in my car. I wasn’t sure what was different, but I would soon find out. One of the residents there had put in flower gardens all around the facility!

Diane Erwin moved to the Fountains Apartments in 2005. Erwin says she likes living there because she is close to town. By being so close to the business area of Laurie, and her work, she feels it is a convenient place for her to live. But Diane is an outdoors person and was missing having something to do outside. So she created the very thing she loved - flower beds - along the sidewalks to the units at the Fountains. Recently, the Fountains was sold, and after talking to the manager and new owners, Diane began her project to bring color to the Fountains. It wasn’t easy preparing the ground for gardens, but she had set her mind to it and began turning the dirt beside the sidewalks to the units. Little by little, she was ready to plant. And plant she did!.

Diane loves gardening and says she really enjoys experimenting with flowers to see if they will survive Missouri weather. Often her plants start from seeds. She babies them until they are ready for planting. Living in an apartment, Diane doesn’t have a lot of room for experimentation, but she says she does her best. She also takes plants given to her that may need a little tender loving care, brings them back to life, and adds them to the gardens.

Many of the flowers on display now are zinnias. They are bright, colorful, and easy to care for’ and the flowers make the grounds at the Fountains look inviting. She also has a huge hibiscus she is very proud of, and she should be, as this one plant has beautiful, huge blossoms that will bloom for a long time. She plans to continue tilling the ground and planting more flowers until all the units have flowers in front for all to enjoy. Diane works at the Pizza Hut in Laurie where she has also adorned the area with flowers. Congratulations to Diane Erwin for earning the Yard of Merit with her energy, time and talent with gardening!

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