A new pizzeria on the Bagnell Dam Strip is bringing a bit of Italy to Lake of the Ozarks.

A new pizzeria on the Bagnell Dam Strip is bringing a bit of Italy to Lake of the Ozarks.

WIth a catchy name and a real hand tossed crust, Dam Good Slice Pizza is offering full pies and pizza by the slice. Pizza lovers can stroll the Strip and enjoy the New York style of pizza by the slice. Great for those on-the-go and for foodies who will appreciate the homemade sauce, real hand tossed crust -- "old world" style.

In any Little Italy town in major cities, counter service pizza joints are selling pizza by the slice. It's a big slice, about the size of two regular slices elsewhere.

What jumps off of the menu is the topping choices like the selection charcuterie meats of capicola, prosciutto, and sopressata. The menu choices for topping the "slice" includes traditional hard cheeses, or if you are wanting to go way back, you can have whipped ricotta or fresh mozzarella. The crust is tossed thrown into the air, while you watch. It's kneaded, and sitting in the window rising. The italian sausage is also unique here- link italian sausage cut into slices, with fennel giving it a true Italian flavor.

With a nod to the Greek, there is the Aegean Pizza with garlic infused olive oil sauce with gyro meat, Tomato, Red Onion, Olives and topped with a hard cheese blend and feta cheese drizzled with tzatziki sauce.

The chef's choice is a slice loaded with what are called pep cups, sliced chicken breast, and roasted whole cloves of garlic. The garlic is unique, charred, and perfect. It’s a big slice, served on paper plates. Thin crispy crust handles easily if you choose to fold it taco style as the New Yorkers do.

Italian sandwiches and gyros are on the menu here, which also make great walking around food.

The menu descriptions include things like “half dollar cup and char”. That's pepperoni also known as “roni cup and char” it was made popular in New York City and it's a bit thicker and curls into a cup when cooked. The edges get a little crispier and blacken or char a bit. The thickness adds more bite and a tiny pool of grease forms in the middle of the cup, making it that much more delicious.

If pizza isn’t your thing, there is a list of salads on the menu, with choices like Caprese Burrata  being perfect for a summertime lunch. It is a blend of lettuce with heirloom tomatoes and creamy burrata cheese, with balsamic reduction and basil.

During the week the venue hosts happy hours and on the weekends, there's entertainment. The kitchen is open until 10pm. There's game room with pool, video games, and skeeball.

Whole pies are also available. But be sure to be prepared, the box and pizza measure almost two feet across. It may not be quite like New York but as they say, it’s “dam” close.