The following candidates are running for the position of State Representative District 123. They will be present on the August 4 ballot in Camden County.


Representative Suzie Pollock, a Republican, represents parts of Laclede and Camden counties (District #123) in the Missouri House of Representatives. Suzie was elected to her first two-year term in November 2018. Pollock’s husband, Darrell, served as state representative for the 146th district from 2004-2012.

In addition to her legislative duties, Pollock is a registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist working with heart and circulation issues.

Suzie received an associate’s degree from Elizabethtown Community College and a specialist degree from Spencerian College.

Born in Michigan and raised in Kentucky, Pollock now resides in Lebanon with her husband. They have two children. Pollock and her husband are members of Canopy Church in Camdenton where she teaches children’s ministry.

1. What do you feel are the top 3 most challenging issues facing the General Assembly and how do you plan to address them?

The three top issues that we will address as a legislature will be the budget firstly, I know we will have to make some very difficult decisions on cuts due to the Covid shutdown and especially if Medicaid expansion passes.  Secondly, law enforcement issues if we don't take care of that during our special session right now.  I fully support our law enforcement and will fight to protect them and their funding, safety, and ability to live where they want to live while working.  Thirdly, personal and property rights. I strongly support our civil liberties and will continue to fight for protection of our freedoms. We will also work on economic improvements and jobs. 

2. Would you be in favor or opposed to a casino at the Lake of the Ozarks?

I am morally opposed to a casino.  I am a conservative Christian Republican and will not support a casino.

3. In office, state elected officials serve on various committees.  If elected, what committees would you serve on in the General Assembly to best represent your constituents?

I currently serve on the Health and Mental Health committee and will continue. It is my favorite committee in which I have been able to use my career and education to help vet bills very effectively.  My second committee is Tourism and thirdly, Special committee on Career Readiness.

4. How do you best represent your constituents with opposing views?

I listen and am accessible. I put a District office in the Camdenton Chamber. I'm respectful however at the end of the  day, I am going to vote my conscience.

5. What was the motivation for you to run for this office and what sets you apart as a candidate from your opponents?

My husband and I have been involved in public service and we were praying for a strong Christian conservative to run to fill the term limited seat. I felt lead to run after much consideration and conversations with other leaders.  I was and still am greatly motivated by the needs I see in our community and country.  What sets me apart is my true love for people and my conservative convictions.  I have and will stand for what is right even if I stand alone.

6. What is your position on Medicaid expansion in the state?

The Medicaid expansion (Amendment 2) on the ballot is terribly wrong for Missouri.  We have very knowledge leadership on the budget committee, Treasurer and Medicaid Director.  We as a legislature will continue to work diligently to provide the most coverage as is financially possible.

Note: Pat Ballew of the Constitution Party will respond at a later date.