200,000 square feet of window manufacturing: that’s what Quaker Windows opened in Eldon on May 18. The best part? That’s only the beginning.

200,000 square feet of window manufacturing: that’s what Quaker Windows opened in Eldon on May 18. The best part? That’s only the beginning.

From the moment the Eldon plant was announced, Quaker Director of Business Development Bill Sifflard says the reception was incredible. Everything from the words of kindness from the county employees to the excitement shared by Eldon School District Superintendent Matt Davis.

“We’ve never second guessed our decision to come to Eldon because of the incredible response and support received from the community,” Sifflard said.

Sifflard says the structural work on the first manufacturing building in Eldon is complete. The building currently houses enough equipment for windows to be crafted from start to finish. However, there is still much more equipment to be moved in for further manufacturing needs and many of the office spaces and lobby areas are still in development. Still, Quaker was able to ship out a number of completed orders within their first couple of days open at the new location.

The plant current has around 20 line workers crafting windows. These employees traveled to the founding location for Quaker Windows in Freeburg, MO to train while the new plant was being built and were able to start on the job the day the Eldon location opened. Now, Sifflard says that training will be much easier, as any lake applicants will be able to do so in Eldon instead of having to drive an hour.

“We only have around 20 people on the line right now, but once we are all trained and set up, we should have around 200 at one time,” Sifflard said.

The COVID-19 pandemic was certainly a factor for Quaker as they moved through the final steps of getting the plant finished and workers inside. Sifflard says they had team meetings seven days a week, looking at the best way to move forward with any decision made during the pandemic. As an essential business, Quaker never closed their operations. Offices went digital, schedules became staggered, but manufacturing and training continued.

Sifflard says he and the Quaker team were proud to be able to send home any elderly workers or workers with preexisting conditions with full pay during this time. Working in multiple counties across the state, he says they tried their best to take precautions seriously and follow the guidelines of each health department.

“Our theme was to be safe and be healthy, and I think everyone has really taken that to heart,” Sifflard said.

After more than a year of building the plant, Sifflard says it’s great to finally see the Eldon location realized. He says it felt like the company was just pushing mud around for a year as they continued work at the site. This work has led to a great outlook for future buildings, though, as Sifflard says they have already completed the groundwork for all future construction projects. By his estimation, the Eldon Quaker plant could end up with over 1,000,000 sq ft of manufacturing space.

Sifflard says that the Eldon plant is working on a 5-year plan. When all is completed, the plant with hot only house manufacturing for commercial windows, but also equipment for crafting entire window walls, hotel windows, a training and display center and more.

Human Resource Generalist LuAnn Lowe says the plant is aggressively looking for applicants with a number of roles to fill immediately. Currently, the plant plans to expand their workforce every month with more positions. Positions require knowledge of a production environment.

Apply at https://quakerwindows.com/careers/