Director Denise Dill will be running for re-election and is challenged by Rick Butler. The term for this seat will be six years. Dill and Butler took time to answer some questions about the position.

The Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District will have two items on the ballot for the June 2 (rescheduled from April 7) election.

One is Proposition B. Proposition B is a measure asking for approval to increase the number of board members for the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District from a three-member board to a five-member board. An increased number of board members will provide for a more diverse representation of the residents of the district as well as ensure quorums are more easily obtained for district business to proceed.

If the measure passes, elections for the two new seats will be held during the April 2021 election with the new candidates being sworn into office at the April 2021 meeting of the board of directors. The other issue is the election of a director to the District’s Board. Director Denise Dill will be running for re-election and is challenged by Rick Butler.

The term for this seat will be six years. Dill and Butler took time to answer some questions about the position.

Denise Dill

Please provide some background information, e.g. years of public service, education, family, etc.

I have served as a member of the SBFPD since July 2016. In that time, I have been a big part of helping deal with complex issues and difficult situations successfully. My family and I have lived in Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District for the past 16 years. I have watched, as the district has become an incredibly professional and efficient community organization. I currently teach 4th grade at Hurricane Deck Elementary in the Camdenton School District. I have a Master’s Degree in Education, have taught 28 years, and received the honor of Educator of the Year in 2015. I have served in numerous committees and have a positive relationship with families in the community. This experience has given me the ability to communicate, reason, and make decisions based on what is best to achieve a common goal.

Why are you running for the board?

I’m running for the position on the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District board of Directors to continue the progress and fulfill goals set in motion for the betterment and safety of the community. Progress such as continuing to fully staff two fire stations for maximum district coverage, continuing to provide full-time professionally trained personnel, and retaining and attracting new recruits with a competitive salary and benefits package.

What do you see as the challenges?

The challenge is continuing to be fiscally responsible and ethically committed for the citizens and the visitors of the district along with the fire fighters and personnel who serve them.

Provide any other information you'd like.

What sets me apart from my opposition is that I have 3 and a half years of Board experience. It is my goal to continue to serve the people of the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District, always working for the betterment of the district and the community to which I live and serve.

I appreciate the opportunity that the newspaper is providing for me to share information with the voters.

Rick Butler

I was brought up on a cattle farm in Saint Clair, Mo. I attended Saint Louis College of Pharmacy and graduated with a B.S. of Pharmacy in 1994. Since then I have worked as a Pharmacy Manager, Project Leader and Pharmacist in charge of several pharmacies, attending to the welfare and health of each community that I have had the pleasure of working in. 

I am a Christian, raised in the Lutheran Church.  I taught Bible school in high school and was accepted to Lutheran Seminary in St. Louis, Mo. But my calling was medicine, so I chose pharmacy. 

I have worked in Sunrise Beach for the last six years at Woods Pharmacy. It is a wonderful place to work and I have come to know many great members our community, earning their trust. I will continue to serve the community the best I can in whatever capacity I am able to serve. 

I would like to be elected to the board to help bring some Unity back to the board. There has been a lot of controversy, which is bad for the fire department and the community. We should act as one, serving the community and our taxpayers, not special interests. We should help each other, lifting each other up, not pulling each other down. This behavior of throwing your fellow community members under the bus must stop. This is why I paid for my political advertisement out of my own pocket. I was offered help paying for my signs but chose to make this sacrifice myself. You must be willing to make a few sacrifices to be a good community leader.  I want to be a great community leader.  

I would like to bring back the Burn Phone Line, many in our community do not use the internet and have expressed their desire to have this reinstated. A sign at each of the stations could also be viewed by the public letting them know if it is appropriate to burn. This could also be installed with minimal cost.  

I want to address one other item: When my signs went up the first time they did not have "PAID FOR BY RICK BUTLER" printed on all of them. Denise Dill filed an ethics complaint with the Missouri Election Board.  I want to thank her for choosing to file a complaint with Missouri wasting tax dollars instead of stopping by the Pharmacy and letting me know that I needed that on all my signs. This is not how I would ever treat a member of the community I serve. I will always be willing to help anyone, including the person I was running against in an election. I will let the community Judge her actions, is this who you want on your board?