Spa Shiki has reopened following the regulations and guidelines put forth by the local and state government.

Spa Shiki has reopened following the regulations and guidelines put forth by the local and state government.  

Susan Brown, the owner of Spa Shiki, said, "Our management and staff have worked diligently during the spa's closure to update its already rigorous sanitation and hygiene standards and implement new policies and procedures to promote the health and safety of our guests and staff."

Jessica Smith, manager of the spa, said, "A selection of the updates and adjustments to guarantee guest and employee safety include,"

• Service providers will wear masks during treatments, while some services may require providers to use gloves as an enhanced safety measure.

• Wash hands before beginning each treatment/service.

• Respect the spa's sanitation and hygiene standards and processes posted within the spa and shared by employees, including temperature checks and face masks.

• Refrain from visiting the spa if you are under an isolation or quarantine order/directive.

• Temperature checks on guests and employees will be conducted in a private setting and need to read below 99F to be in the spa.

• The front desk staff will welcome guests upon arrival and help navigate them to the waiting room or directly to the treatment room if preferred.  

• The sauna, steam room, and whirlpool will be temporarily closed.

• We are asking guests to bring a personal water bottle that can refill when needed.

• There will be a limited number of guests allowed in the meditation lounge.

•  No cash payment transactions will occur on-site.  All payments will be handled during the booking or confirmation of an appointment by credit, debit, or gift cards.

To keep guests and employees safe, we ask guests to:

• Refrain from visiting the spa if you or a household member has a fever, COVID-19 symptoms, or any contagious illness. 

• Share specialized sanitation or hygiene requests before arriving at the spa.

“Thanks to our guests for continued support during this time of evolving change. Things may look and operate differently at Spa Shiki; however, our purpose remains to provide guests a memorable spa experience, focused on relaxation and rejuvenation to guide them on a path to wellness. Spa Shiki will continue to follow local, state, and national regulations regarding the safe operation of spas.  As the spa receives additional guidance, its policies and practices will be updated accordingly,” Smith concluded.

Further details are posted and updated on the website of the spa at