Guidelines to remain effective until May 31

The Camden County Health Department released its guidance for businesses and social gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The recommended guidance went into effect on Monday, May 4, and will remain in place until May 31.


-Monitor/screen all staff before each shift. Personnel showing signs of illness should not be permitted to work. 

-People and businesses must practice social distancing. That means all tables, seats and people must be at least six feet apart. This includes ALL areas of the facility including, but not limited to, waiting areas, host stands, bathrooms, patios, docks, pools, etc. 

-Communal seating areas cannot be offered to parties that are not connected and a single table must not consist of more than 10 people. 

-Provide disposable or cleanable menus for guest use. Clean and sanitize or discard after each use. 

-Hand sanitizer or sanitizer products will be readily available to guest and staff.

-Tables, chairs, booths, high chairs, stools and commonly touched areas will be cleaned and disinfected after every use. 

-High touch point traffic areas such as doors, door handles, railings, counters, light switches, registers, POS systems, card trays/books, pens and common areas will be cleaned and disinfected regularly. 

-No pre-set serviceware, condiments or other items will be placed on tables ahead of guests. Place settings, utensils and condiments will either be single use or wil be cleaned and sanitized after every use. 

-All staff will wear gloves where required. Masks are not required, but are recommended by the CDC.

-Encourage increased handwashing.

-Regulate and monitor food options such as buffets, salad bars and topping bars more often. Change out utensils frequently and ensure there is social distancing at the buffet lines. 

-Limit self serve coffee, tea or soda dispensers to single use cups only. 

-Ensure that self-serve condiments, napkins and straws are single use. 

-Encourage curbside service and delivery, but ensure that required social distancing standards and hand hygiene or glove usage are maintained during the pickup/delivery process. 


Social Distancing

-All individuals shall adhere to all social distancing requirements and practice proper hygiene.

-Post signage that can be used to alert and remind individuals about requirements and guidance.

-Families may sit together as a family group but be seated at least 6 feet from other families.

-Events should limit their attendance to allow for proper social distancing.


-Offer plenty of hand sanitizer in various locations and encourage usage.

-Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of facilities.

-Keep restrooms stocked with soap and/or hand sanitizer.


These guidelines are recommendations for places of worship in our community to begin to meet again inside their buildings in a way that will help protect their parishioners' health.

Social Distancing

-All parishioners shall adhere to social distancing requirements at all times and continue to practice proper hygiene.

-Families shall sit together as a family group but be seated at least 6 feet from other families. Hugs and hand shakes should be strongly discouraged for the next few weeks.

-Post social distancing reminders on doors and video screens and make announcements. Signage might also include "if you are ill we invite you to join us for worship on line until you are feeling better."

-Places of worship should limit their attendance to allow for proper distancing between families within their seating capacity. Adding additional service times and opening up fellowship halls or balconies for seating with video screens are a possible solution. A special service time for "at risk" parishioners is also a good option. 

-It is recommended that places of worship not hold any special dinners or events that would bring a crowd through May 31, 2020.


-Offer plenty of hand sanitizer in various locations and encourage usage.

-Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the facility. 

It is suggested to not pass the offering plate from person to person. Some ideas are a "giving box" at the entrances, online giving or if possible, one person holding the plate at all times.

-If your place of worship offers communion during services, it is recommended to use individual communion packets.


-Take the temperature of employees before beginning a shift.

-Take the temperature of clients prior to entering the building.

-Remove magazines and any self-serve food or beverages.

-Have guests swipe their own credit card, or have customers prepay using a payment service app.

-Have hand sanitizer readily available for use by the general public and your staff.

-Complete your barbicide certification and have barbicide on site.

-Assign restrooms that can be dedicated for staff use.

-Commit to following stay-at-home guidelines, even if not required, and limit your unnecessary exposure to excessive people in your personal time.

-Services should be appointment only. No walk-ins.

-Do not "double book" appointments.

-One service provider to a client at a time.

-Allow enough time between services to sanitize and disinfect all work areas and shampoo bowls.

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