The Camden County Commission has drafted a letter to the Governor asking for a reconsideration of the current stay-at-home order.

Via a letter to the Governor from the Camden County Commision:

Dear Governor Parsons:
We represent the citizens of Camden County as the Camden County Commission. Like most of the state of Missouri, we are trying to work our way through the morass of the Covid-19 pandemic. We certainly appreciate the care and concern you have expressed over the past few weeks. Your leadership to protect our residents is admirable and appreciated. We are quite sure that it has helped to flatten the curve for our entire state which is the goal for all of us. Weighing the risk vs. reward in this atmosphere is extremely challenging. Sickness on one side and economic crisis on the other side. We certainly understand. That is also what we are dealing with here in Camden County.
As you are aware, we are a tourist driven economy. Our tourist season is specifically limited by weather and the availability of a high school and/or college aged work force. This makes our season largely contained to only five months, May through September. A large amount of our locally owned businesses make nearly their entire years revenue in those five months. A loss of even one month’s revenue may make or break them permanently. We have some businesses that are already suffering greater losses than they will be able to absorb and will not likely reopen.
It is therefore, in light of the above information, that we, the Camden County Commission respectfully request that the “Stay At Home” order be re-evaluate for the state of Missouri and more specifically Camden County. In addition, it is essential that a definitive date to reopen be set. As much as we understand how difficult that might be without knowledge of how the virus will spread, restaurants, bars and retail venues cannot reopen without preparation. Inventory and staffing as well as possible inspections require advance notice and organization. Adhering to the current May 4th order is already creating hardships on many of our residents and businesses. However, if that date cannot be shortened, please at least let it be known that it will be the final extension to the order so that our State and our County will know when it may plan to continue with their lives and businesses.
Once again, we do wish to thank you for your service to our state.

Sincerely, Camden County Commission