In an effort to collaborate amongst districts for the safety and well-being of students, families, and staff members, the leaders of your public schools are taking a proactive approach to help limit potential exposure to COVID-19. Morgan County R-1 and R-2 school leaders recognize we have intermingled families and have chosen to work together.

Press Release: 

In accordance with the recommendations of the Morgan County Health Center, The Morgan County R-1 and R-2 public schools will reopen no earlier then Monday, April 27. School leaders will continue to work with the Health Center and other agencies during this closure and we will share information as soon as decisions are made. 

Our hope is that by having this extended school closure we will be able to assist the community effort to slow or prevent any transmission of the COVID-19 virus by limiting contact among individuals for this period of time. According to health officials, the practice of social distancing, frequent hand washing and self-quarantine can significantly decrease the ability of a virus to spread. 

It is important that we take care of each other and do everything we can to support one another during this national crisis. If there was ever anything to be certain of, it is that we are stronger when we work together! Please look out for one another and reach out to your fellow community members, parents, students, staff members, and teachers.