The 1931 Ford Model A was a very successful and popular automobile of the day.  Capable of a speed up to 65 mph the automobile was known to have fuel consumption up to 30 mpg.  You could purchase the top-of-the-line “Fordor” for about $570.00. That same year the Esther farm that had been known as Estherville would become the new town of Linn Creek.  Several homes had been moved from Old Linn Creek to their new Linn Creek town.  The Reveille Building on the square was completed in 1931 and the first paper datelined Camdenton was printed on the 11th of April. The owner, J. W. Vincent, the printer, Orien West. The type was set and locked in place in the building on the hill in Linn Creek and printed a page at a time on a job press in the Camdenton building. Every year has its recognition in history. 1931 is one of those years.