As we as a community and a publishing company face unprecedented challenges, we want you to know we will be at your side.

Alive and well.

That’s our spirit in these historically trying times.

Or to steal another idiom: We’re in this together. Always.

As we as a community and a publishing company face unprecedented challenges, we want you to know we will be at your side. That’s the mantra that’s spreading across the country: Neighbor helping neighbor. And we consider Lake Media to be your neighbor.

We’ve been doing this for 141 years, since 1879. From the days of hand-set type to the computer and digital ages we’ve stood as a leader in the Lake area. That isn’t going to change. Sure, the face of our profession has changed and now the COVID-19 virus has forced us to do business a little differently – just like our friends at the small businesses at the Lake.

Yes, our local offices in Osage Beach have “closed” but we’re still open for business, working from home like many of you. Yes, our many sources of information have been pushed to the sideline for now, and that’s no different than anyone else in the media. We innovate, we think outside the proverbial box.

An advantage we have is the vast amount of resources at our disposal through the Gannett/USA TODAY network. We can provide national coverage of the coronavirus through the Gannett/USA TODAY network; and can offer you information from the rest of the country – and the world – that affects our daily lives right here in central Missouri.

Of course, we’ll never forget our roots and how we got here. Hats off to our loyal readers and advertisers, the fabric of our journalistic being. We will keep our coverage as local as possible because we represent you – the parents and grandparents of the athletes we feature; the families who do great things; the remarkable accomplishments of individuals and businesses; our advertisers.

We are your messenger, delivering daily news and advertising messages that are so vital to keeping you informed. We are professionals and have professionals at our disposal.

In these unprecedented times, the strength of a community depends on its people. It weathers the storm by staying connected, and by making sure that its members are safe and have what they need. Now more than ever we need to work together to keep our communities strong. We wish you well and urge you to keep informed about COVID-19. This, too, shall pass and we all will emerge stronger for it.

We have survived through World Wars, the Great Depression, 9/11 and the recession of 2008. We will survive this as well. 

Thanks for being part of our Lake Media family.