Assume anyone you are dealing with in the public can potentially be infectious.

Investigation of the Camden County coronavirus case is still underway.  People who were most at risk of prolonged close contact with the case have been notified and instructed to self-isolate and monitor for symptoms until 14 days past the last exposure.  

This case is not travel related. The person did go to a few local retailers BEFORE symptoms developed, so the actual risk of transmission at these places is very low. As best we can determine, from March 13-19, the case POSSIBLY visited these locations. We cannot determine definite dates or times; this is best guess of case’s activity reported from household contacts.


WalMart Camdenton

Woods at Sunrise Beach

Dollar General on F Road

Camdenton Bus Barn

Hurricane Deck School

It is important for us to look at this situation the same as we have looked at the Blood Borne Pathogen standard for the past 30-plus years. You cannot look at someone and know whether or not they have HIV, Hepatitis B or C. You have to treat everyone as if their blood is potentially infected. We need to do the same regarding Covid-19.  

We have one confirmed case, and yes, that is alarming! But how many others among our 44,000-plus neighbors may be unknowingly infected? Testing is not widely available and those tests that are available take several days to get results. Many will only have mild symptoms. We are coming into the “allergy season.” There were still over 8,800 cases of flu reported last week! Is it allergy? Is it flu? Or is it Covid?  

Assume anyone you are dealing with in the public can potentially be infectious. 

Take precautions: Stay home as much as possible.

If you must go out to work or essential business, check your temperature twice a day and go home immediately if over 100.4

Do not gather in crowds of more than 10 people.   

KEEP YOUR 6-feet DISTANCE when at all possible.  

Wash hands thoroughly and often.  

Testing is not widely available, so if you THINK you have it, act as if you KNOW you have it and STAY HOME until your temperature has been gone for 72 hours and it has been seven days from your first symptoms.