Sixth Grade:

Hannah See: Hannah is the daughter of Courtney See and Tim See. She participates in band at OMS and really enjoys being outside. Her favorite subject at OMS is math. Hannah’s strengths are achieving, dependability and caring. She uses all of these strengths every day at OMS because she can be counted on to do things to her highest ability. She is also a very dependable and caring individual who is a joy to have in the classroom. Hannah is a quiet leader in the sixth grade and we are excited to give her this honor.

Dustin Lemk: Dustin is the son of Don and Diane Lemke. He participates in band at OMS and enjoys playing soccer. In his free time, he loves to watch television. His favorite subject in school is math. Dustin’s strengths of organizer, caring and future thinker are evident in his school as he turns in quality school work and gets things done on time. Dustin cares about school and those around him. He is a very focused student who understands the importance of a job well done.

Seventh Grade:

Gracyn Havner: Gracyn is the daughter of Annie and Chris Havner. Gracyn participates in basketball on the 7th grade team at OMS. She also enjoys playing golf, riding in golf carts and taking her dog for a walk. Her favorite subject this year is science and health. Gracyn’s strengths of relating, caring and presence are very evident is her relationships with fellow classmates and friends. She gets along with everyone and tries to make others feel included. Gracyn is a very positive person and reflects her attitude in everything she does.

Andrew Groos: Andrew is the son of Mary and Eric Groos. He is very active at OMS participating in band, basketball and track. If he gets some free time, you will find him playing basketball somewhere. He favorite subject at OMS is PE, of course! Andrew’s strengths of caring, achieving and presence are very reflective of the type of person he is. He strives to achieve at the highest level and is a compassionate classmate and teammate. Other kids really enjoy being around him. Andrew is an upbeat student with a positive attitude who we are proud to call our leader of the month.

Eighth Grade:

Gabriel Pearson: Gabriel is the daughter of Michelle Pearson. She participates in volleyball and choir at OMS. Gabby as she’s known by all, enjoys hanging out with her friends and going to youth activities, plus playing volleyball whenever she gets a chance. Her favorite subject is math. Gabby’s strengths of relating, future thinker and discoverer are very evident as she interacts with her classmates and works to achieve in her daily work. She is viewed as a caring and helpful person, which is just the type of student we like to recognize as a leader of the month.

Bryan Struebig: Bryan is the son of Bryan Struebig and Cathy McGuire. Bryan enjoys spending time with his family, playing games and participating in things at his church and is a member of the band at OMS. His favorite class at OMS is woods. His teachers find him using his strengths of future thinker, dependability and organizer on a daily basis as his work is done well and turned in on time. He gives suggestions in class that shows he has put thought into his words. Bryan is a respectful student who encourages his classmates to do the same.