These young entrepreneurs are designing their own clothing lines and inspiring others.

The Be Happy Brand

Blayre Pauley was bullied in school. It wasn’t just hurtful comments that she had to endure, the bulling turned physical. Her parents, Janelle and Joe Page, encouraged her to turn those negative experiences into something positive so in January 2019, the 18-year-old launched her own line of clothing called The Be Happy Brand.
The merchandise has inspirational sayings and her “Be Happy” logo, all designed by Blayre who’s goal is to blanket the U.S. in happiness and watch it grow into a national brand. So far people in 12 different states have placed orders.
Everywhere she goes strangers ask her about what she’s wearing. She tells them her story, and in return, often hears of their own personal struggles. Blayre says her line of clothing is more than just an anti-bulling message.
“I just want other people to be happy no matter what they are going through,” she said.
So far there are 16 different designs of T-shirts, long-sleeve T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other merchandise. A small kids line has been created and a few holiday-themed items for Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas and Halloween are available.
Blayre is coming out with new merchandise all the time which is sold online and at Summer USA on the Bagnell Dam Strip.  

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Amanda Pike has always had an eye for fashion. Growing up she would seek out different styles of clothing, wanting to be different than her friends and fellow classmates. Eventually she started customizing clothes she would purchase by distressing, cutting and making them her own. It got noticed. People started wanting her to “fix” their wardrobes or come up with something different for them to wear, so she started an online store.
After high school, Amanda attended Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College obtaining a two-year agricultural business degree but her love of fashion brought her back to the Lake where her wares continued to get noticed. Online sales grew to the point Amanda decided to open up a storefront. At the age of 22, she now runs a boutique in Roots Hair Salon in Osage Beach where she creates custom pieces using overalls, vintage jeans, rompers, T-shirts and sweatshirts … nothing is off limits.
Having grown up on a farm outside of Eldon, Amanda says her favorite style is one she calls western grunge. Since she uses vintage clothing, Amanda is always on the lookout for her next piece, shopping on eBay and at second-hand stores to find items to work on. Customers can also bring anything in from their own closet to have customized creating a whole new look to the piece.

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