Artist Colette Moore turns bottle caps into images.

For most people, a bottle cap is a thing of beauty only when it’s snapped off, opening the way to quenching a powerful thirst. Few people pay close attention to the cap’s design and color. Colette Moore is one who does.
A friend handed Colette a bucket full of bottle caps some years ago and said, “Do something with these.” That friend somehow sensed that Colette would know just what to do, and she did.
Colette transforms the humble bottle cap into works of art that sell far and wide. Three of her works are on display and for sale at Lake Fine Art Academy and Galleria in Osage Beach. Colette also sells through an Etsy store, ColetteHomeArt.
Those bottle caps in a bucket first went to work as charms for backpacks, keychains, and bags. The sale of them helped to fund a Boonville animal rescue and education group. They also helped spread the word about Colette’s interest in bottle caps. She still receives shipments of donated caps from friends and strangers. Her collection numbers in the thousands.
Some caps have been sorted by color and design. Two drawers are full of Miller Lite caps, one for the current design and another for the design no longer available. More drawers jingle when opened to reveal a jumble of clean caps in every color.
Colette has moved on from charms to bottle-cap mosaics. The standard size is 2 by 2 feet, but larger works, including one above Wild Bill’s Sport Salon in Fargo, ND and a horse in mid-stride in storage at Parkway Motors, are 4 by 6.
The subject for most of Colette’s mosaics is a beloved pet rendered life-like in bottle caps — a feat that only an artist can achieve. When finished, the bottle caps resemble the fine textures of fur, whether on a dog or horse. This is Colette’s gift. She transforms hard-edge materials so that they appear to be downy coats worn by animals she’s rescued, fostered, or made immortal for customers who commission a portrait of their fur-ever friends.
A finished work begins with a photo of the pet. That photo becomes a larger sketch on white board. Acrylic paints add depth and dimension to guide Colette’s hand as she hammers and trims caps. Once all the caps are in place, they are stained to add highlights, expression, and depth. The result will amaze.
A portrait is also exacting work, requiring attention to detail — not unlike the career Colette trained for at Stephens College in Columbia where she earned a degree in accounting. That has paid off even though she is not a working accountant. She is instead an entrepreneur who understands profit and loss well enough to succeed with a series of small businesses.
Over the course of Colette’s career, she has flipped houses and now stages them for realtors and sellers. Her designs enhance the visual impact of the space and the seller’s return on investment. Colette and her partner also own and operate Parkway Motors in Osage Beach.
Colette’s favorite pastime is the time she “spends … creating commission works of art along with her own inspired pieces.” Driven to create, she uses the humble, often-discarded bottle cap to make art that endures.

Colette Moore, Artist
on Etsy at ColetteHomeArt