Located in Laurie, Val’s is a great spot for breakfast on the west side of the Lake.

Val Ites owns Val’s Country Cookin’ & Sassy Servers. Since becoming owner 12 years ago, Val and daughters, Brittany and Ashley, have built an army of loyal customers. They come for pancakes in the morning and might stay for a gigantic pork tenderloin in the afternoon — if their stomachs could handle all that goodness.
Val’s serves delicious pancakes in sizes that inspire people to snap pics so folks back home will appreciate just how much value Val’s gives to customers. A pancake from Val’s is larger than a dinner plate. More important, it’s light, fluffy, golden, and sweet before syrup is drizzled across the top. Eggs poached, over-easy, scrambled, and folded into an omelet are equally popular at Val’s.
A pork tenderloin weighing in at one-half pound before breading is just as likely to require photo proof. Served with a bun; crisp, mild onion; dill pickle slices; lettuce and tomato; the tenderloin could feed the whole table. If cut into pieces and stacked in between that bun, the height would require jaws wide open to taste crisp-fried breading over mild, white pork.
Hostess and Aunt Darlene Burgerson shows guests to their tables while Val herself, her daughters, and a granddaughter serve and bus as needed. They are the sassy servers — lively and quick to bring big platters for a big appetite, always served with a side of smile.
Val’s success is due to loyal customers who appreciate good food and good service. They arrive several days every week for breakfast, brunch or lunch. On weekends, crowds average 400. Some come for breakfast served during all open hours while others wait for lunch items available at 10:30 a.m.

Val’s Country Cookin’ and Sassy Servers
601 N. Main St., Gravois Mills
Open daily 6 a.m.-2 p.m.
Closed Tuesdays during the off-season