Upon arrival deputies located a female individual who had previously claimed to have explosives in her backpack. The female had also broken windows out of a vehicle at the location. Upon arrival, deputies were able to place the female in custody without incident. A further search revealed no explosives in the backpack.


The days leading up to full moons, summer holidays and, of course, Halloween all lend themselves to the odd and unusual calls for law enforcement.
Halloween was no exception for Camden County deputies, responding to a call earlier this week in the Four Seasons area to handle a disturbance.
According to information provided by the sheriff’s department, when they arrived they were confronted with a dispute involving a woman claiming to be the reaper threatening to hurt people and alleging she was carrying a backpack full of explosives.
The woman, later identified as Jessica E. bates, 41, of Camdenton, had allegedly gotten into an argument with a person where she was staying. When deputies arrived they  found windows busted out of a vehicle and Bates sitting inside. Deputies were forced to remove Bates from the vehicle. She was taken into custody without further incident. After searching Bates, deputies were able to determine the was not packing explosives.
Bates was taken to the Camden County jail and alter released on a summons.
Bates is charged with disturbing the peace, property damage, and resisting arrest. She also had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on a misdemeanor.