A Pinch of Happiness to open on the Camdenton Square.

Rebecca and Jeff Christiansen decided it was time for a change. Living in Oswego, Ill., the pair wanted to find a better schooling opportunity for their family to thrive. Rebecca had been running A Pinch of Happiness for three years in Illinois and, after a trip to visit Camdenton R-III, decided it was time to make the move to Missouri.

Rebecca says she knew Camdenton would be a great location to reopen her store. A Pinch of Happiness is a home specialty store, containing spices, loose leaf teas, coffee and much more. She says the running joke is that she runs a spice store and she doesn’t even cook well.

A Pinch of Happiness is a non-for-profit business that works alongside Rebecca’s other organization Celebrating Disabilities, which works to find those with disabilities work. She says she plans to bring in a number of workers with disabilities to staff the shops many requirements, including stocking shelves and creating spice blends and packaging.

The store, which resides as a neighbor to JP’s Custom Boots on the Camdenton Square, has gone through a number of renovations since the Christiansens moved in. Rebecca worked with Jeff to tear down walls, rip out carpets, fireproof ceilings and more to get the store looking exactly how they imagined. Now, the store touts a homey vision with green walls and items in every corner.

“Once we get the adults with disabilities in the store, people will feel the happiness right away when they walk in,” Rebecca said.

Between handmade wine vinaigrettes and whole cinnamon sticks, Rebecca feels the stores products will bring a unique commodity to the area. From Iowa coffee to pasta made in Decatur, Illinois, Rebecca says they have tried to keep their products sourced from small, local sources. To keep this trend going, Rebecca says they will try to find some products from the lake area to include once they have their feet planted. She says they have already spoken with Camdenton R-III members about bringing students with disabilities to the store for various activities.

Rebecca says they are ready to get things kicked off and start to meet people in the community who come into the store.  The store will open November 1 to the public. Currently, the Christiansens are still figuring out hours, but they will be announced soon. They are excited to see what the holiday season at the lake brings, and even more excited to face the summer surge head-on.

“We are just excited to get started and are so thankful to be in Camdenton,” Rebecca said.