Brent Solomon recalls the night his father, Al, bought Chevy’s. Al ran up a huge tab. The dollar amount caused him to holler, “What’ll it take to buy the place?” The answer was just right, and Al purchased it on the spot.
Today, Brent and his daughter Sloane carry on Al’s tradition with Al’s special wings and pizza just off Jeffries Road along Osage Beach Parkway (West). It’s in the corner of an L-shaped strip mall, home to Chevy’s Bar & Grill and Pizzeria. Outside is a motorized bike for deliveries to Margaritaville and places nearby. On the sidewalk is a new bench seat, the back made from a Chevrolet pickup truck tailgate.
Inside is a cozy bar where people gather for pizza, wings, beer, burgers and sandwiches. A meaty pizza from Chevy’s includes house-made Canadian bacon or Italian sausage — and plenty of it. Chevy’s doesn’t skimp on toppings. The pizzas are rich in ingredients and taste.
Solomon takes special pride in Al’s wings. They’re brined in a house-made pickle juice, rinsed and rolled in Panko breadcrumbs, fried crisp, then dusted with Cajun seasoning before serving. Even without sauce, they deliver a bite that pleases.
Monday nights at 7 p.m. are Xtreme Bar Bingo nights at Chevy’s with great prizes given weekly. On Friday and Saturday nights, there’s live music playing. Around the perimeter of the room are games and a well-lit pool table. At the U-shaped bar are smokers some distance from high and low-topped tables for diners.

Chevy’s Bar & Grill and Pizzeria
5151 Osage Beach Pkwy., Osage Beach
Delivery within 5 miles
Open daily at 11 a.m.
Closes Monday through Saturday at 1:30 a.m., Sunday at midnight
Smoking permitted at the bar