Tirebiters is still a favorite hangout serving a good hamburger, a hearty bowl of chili, and cold bottled beer.

Tom and Lisa Morgan bought Tirebiters Peanut Pub, a favorite Osage Beach hangout, about three years ago, and they’ve proven to be the right buyers. Tirebiters is still a favorite hangout serving a good hamburger, a hearty bowl of chili, and cold bottled beer. Television screens on many tables and around the room guarantee a clear view of the game of the day. Locals and tourists gather for good times and great service.
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, three local businessmen were at the bar, enjoying the game and animated conversation. Another trio played darts on an electronic board. Nearby was a fireplace that would warm the room through the winter. Tables filled and drinkers took seats at the bar as the dinner hour neared.
On every table, and along the bar, were baskets of peanuts in the shell that snapped crisp and delivered tasty treats. Peanut-allergy-free adults and children will enjoy the classic, but anyone with peanut allergies should be aware of peanut shells and dust in the building.
An open-air patio under a canopy of trees provides a nice place to gather in great weather. Those trees mask traffic noise, and toe-tapping country music finishes the task. Overhead are strings of light that will add a holiday vibe when the sun goes down.
Reviewers rave about the burgers and cold beer so those are good choices at Tirebiters. An array of bottles behind the bar is the “menu” for beers, but patrons who don’t see their favorite can simply ask for it. Tirebiters will order that brand and continue to stock it if it sells well.
A Vanilla Porter by Breckinridge is just one choice that pairs well with burgers or stands alone. At zero international bitterness units and an alcohol by volume rating of 5%, this beer delivers classic Porter flavors — rich chocolate and hearty nut.
A bowl or cup of chili is on the menu every day. It too is rich, but not in chocolate. It’s chock full of tender beef and beans, well blended in a thick sauce featuring finely diced tomato, green pepper, and onion. On the mild side, Tirebiters’ chili should please every palate. Another daily menu feature is a soup though it varies from day to day.
The Western Burger delivers a well done, but tender beef patty plus slices of crisp bacon, melted cheese, one plump onion ring, and barbecue sauce. That sauce gives the burger a tangy kick, but if a diner wants even more, add the sour dill pickle slices served on the side.
The bacon for Tirebiters’ fried potato salad side and on the Western burger have the texture and taste of freshly fried. Each slice or diced bit is salty and savory. In the fried potato salad, the bacon pieces pair well with creamy ranch dressing and diced green onion pieces.
Other menu choices at Tirebiters include pizza, wings, chicken strips, wraps, a catfish dinner, and The Hawkeye — a big hand-breaded pork tenderloin. For lighter appetites, salads are available. Appetizers include livers and gizzards — uncommon but hearty choices.
Wednesday nights are steak nights when diners can opt for a 6-ounce filet with two sides. Every Sunday is Happy Hour all day; otherwise, from 4 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Tirebiters Peanut Pub
4704 Jayhawk St., Osage Beach
Open 11 a.m. daily. Close 1:30 a.m. daily,
Except Sunday when they close at midnight