The City of Camdenton has officially submitted their 2019-20 budget, which showcases what the city plans to focus on during the fiscal year.

The City of Camdenton has officially submitted their 2019-20 budget, which showcases what the city plans to focus on during the fiscal year. A glance at the budget shows a steady year looking forward, with an emphasis on existing projects such as the community center project and the airport runway extension.

Provided among the budget notes are a list of high priority items that the city will focus their budgeting needs towards. Among these items include:

Future Land Use Map/Compatibility
The budget states that $10,000 from Special Revenue Fund to upgrade Zoning Ordinance was not needed and was eliminated.

Develop the Community Center project
The budget states that the city will work with the Community Center Advisory Committee throughout the year. Land has been purchased and a building has been demolished for space. Also, an architect and Construction Manager has been hired. Throughout the next fiscal year, design of the building will be underway with bidding out of the project expected in the Spring of 2020. $140,000 has been set aside for the cost of these expenses. A minimum of $1.7 million is anticipated for project construction.

Extend Airport Runway
A $4.8 million Federal and State grant was awarded in 2019 for the Runway Grading Extension project with $ 5.38 million in scheduled expenditures. The next grant for the actual extension
and runway overlay is expected to be awarded is this budget year.

Water and Sewer Repair Strategy
This year, approximately $231,500 was spent on Dawson Road Water Main, Southside Water Main, fencing for all of water wells., and the upgrade of the Blair lift station. This year’s budget
calls for the upgrade of Derby lift station, additional pipe fittings for Dale Mitchel Lift Station, Tonka Wells manholes, painting of the Blair Water Tower, a mapping and modeling system, and a Court Circle Water line replacement.

Feasibility Study for public services
$15,000 is included to replace Roof Top A/C Units for City Hall.

Business Park- Technical Infrastructure
$10,000 is dedicated to fiber optic internet upgrade at the airport.

Affordable workforce housing strategy
A grant was applied for to demolish dilapidated housing. A new Lake Area Community Development Corporation has been created that includes Camden, Miller, Morgan and Laclede counties. This organization has been setup for housing development, housing construction, housing grants and purchases.

Rental housing for all income levels
The new Lake Area Community Development Corporation has been created and the Camdenton Housing Study recommendations from the City plan should again be reviewed by the Board of Aldermen with followed future staff implementations.

Improving visitor experience as a motorist and pedestrian
The Mayor and Board of Aldermen will review specific sections of the City’s Comprehensive plan and work with the Art’s Advisory Committee to prioritize what capital investments to
address. Members will work with the Chamber to review and possibly organize a Main Street Organization, whose purpose is yet to be laid out. There are no funds in this budget for art murals or city banners.

The budget goes on to state that the balance in the general fund is strong and is estimated to be $1,993,185 by Oct. 1, 2019. However, this amount is anticipated to lower to $1,645,031 by Sept. 30, 2020. This is due to the Clerk’s recommendation for the Special Revenue Fund not to pay the debt payment of $173,655 for the City Hall/Police Facility, but to pay it out of the General Fund.

In an overview of estimated revenues and debts, the city included a downturn in additional sales tax growth, but estimate a conservative growth rate for next year of 1.0%. There is a slight Water and Sewer Fund rate increase in this proposed budget of $30,000.

Principal and Interest in the amount of $173,655 for the City Hall Police Facility is budgeted to be paid for in the General Fund. There are no payments this year in the Transportation Fund for payment since all City Airport hangar debt payments have been eliminated Funds in the amount of $75,000 is budgeted to be transferred from the Water and Sewer Fund to the Water and Sewer Sinking Fund for the estimated combined waterworks and sewerage 2005 principal and interest debt payment of $81,550,600.