Shawn Swain will return to the Lake of the Ozarks Mini Shootout August 16-18.

Shawn Swain will return to the Lake of the Ozarks Mini Shootout August 16-18. He holds world records in two classes of radio controlled (RC) electric boats through the International Model Powerboat Association (IMPBA). His electric powered catamaran with a single motor set a record with 78 mph and his twin electric motor catamaran at 113 mph.

Swain won Top Gun Shootout honors in 2017 at Lake of the Ozarks with a speed of 114.9 mph. in 2019, his fifth year to compete, he hopes to top that speed. He’ll be running his 45 inch “Rip Saw” electric-powered catamaran and a Super Daytona tricked out in an orange color scheme – naturally. The Daytona measures 56 inches and weighs around 30 pounds. It’s powered by twin electric motors generating around 18,000 watts per motor.

Swain lives on a quiet Michigan lake that does not allow gasoline motors on boats so electric is a natural choice for him. Quiet, peaceful lakes are perfect for RC boats to run the still waters. Furthermore, Swain’s family has enjoyed RC recreation for generations. Swain’s grandfather had an RC boat, too.

For the 2019 Shootout, the Swain family will arrive and stay in their camper turning the Lake’s Shootout into an annual reunion with their “Shootout” family. His wife and two sons do not compete, however. They are pure spectators.

Swain builds his own boats and a few custom boats for others. He plans to introduce a line of custom-molded hulls marketed to other RC boaters. He says this will offset the expense of his own hobby, building boats, fine-tuning them for speed, and competing in Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Alabama.

Swain says the most popular and successful hull design currently is based on the Mystic catamaran hull. What works for the big boats also works for the small boats when skimming over the top of the water at crazy speeds. That design concept is where Swain’s construction began, and he’s counting on it to deliver top speeds this year.