The family of a missing emotional support dog is hoping their relentless search and a $1,000 reward bring their missing “Poo” pup home.

The family of a missing emotional support dog is hoping their relentless search and a $1,000 reward bring their missing “Poo” pup home.

The missing pitbull disappeared from Camden on the Lake about 2 months ago when family stopped there for dinner. The 10-month-old purebred pitfall is a specially trained support dog for the owner’s 12-year-old nephew who suffers from emotional disorders, including anxiety. The dog was the child’s constant companion. 

Shane Schmidt, the dog’s owner, said he and his 12-year-old nephew that he is raising, stopped at the Lake of the Ozarks to visit friends on their way to see his nephew’s terminally ill father in Florida. The pair were traveling from Kansas City where they live. 

Schmidt said they had gone to Camden on the Lake with friends by boat and “Poo Dog” who knows no strangers, was visiting with people on the docks and then he simply disappeared. 

Enlisting the help of law enforcement, the Camden County Sheriff’s Department had dash cam video showing 3 unidentified  individuals leading Poo away with a leash. So far, the sheriff’s department has not been able to locate the suspects or the pitfall. 

The family has spent the weeks since his disappearance searching for the dog and have set up a reward fund for $1,000 with no questions asked for he safe return of Poo. The family has been canvassing neighborhoods with flyers where they believe the dog may have been taken. There are rumors that the pitfall is being kept somewhere in the Barnett area between Eldon and Versailles. 

The grandmother, Kim Bauer, has been circulating the information on social media with a plea for help finding the unidentified suspects who walked off with the dog. 

“We are pretty sure we know who took him.  I think they are hiding him. He is a valuable dog, there is no price on the support that he provided to the family,” Bauer says in her posts. “We just want him back, he needs his dog.  He is suffering without him. He was specially trained for my grandson” 

Schmidt says it has been especially hard for his nephew. He depended on the dog and is also faced with his father’s illness. Schmidt, who does bounty hunter work in Kansas City, has spent as much of his time as possible at the Lake on weekends searching for the lost pet. But, he said, despite his professional skills, he hasn’t been able to find Poo and the expenses of traveling back and forth are tough.  

Bauer has made arrangements with Lake Pet Hospital to take Poo in and pay the reward without any questions if he is returned. 

Poo reportedly answers to the word “breakfast.” Anyone with information or who has seen the lost pet is asked to call the Camden County Sheriff’s Department at 573-346-2243.