After many years, golf courses update their iconic looks.

Lake of the Ozarks has experienced nothing but growth and change since it all began in the 1930s. And while many businesses have come and gone, many others are still around. Historic businesses like Stewart’s Restaurant on the Bagnell Dam Strip or Blair’s Landing in Osage Beach have been serving customers for generations. So have many lodging facilities and golf courses. These places have undergone many renovations, changes in ownership and other improvements to enhance the experience for their guests and keep up with the times.
A good logo is often the first impression clients will have of your business. It makes all the difference in marketing and branding your product. Whether you are selling shoes, beverages or even golf, a great logo can set you apart from your competition.  
Lake of the Ozarks was home to one of the most recognizable logos in the Midwest for the past 50 years in Tan-Tar-A. It seemed like everywhere you went someone had the sun and branch logo of Tan-Tar-A on their shirt or hat. With Tan-Tar-A rebranded as Margaritaville Lake Resort they had the opportunity to change their identity and logo. Having the luxury of partnering with another iconic brand and image in Margaritaville, the golf course and resort should transition seamlessly. There is no mistaking the Parrot logo and what it represents to the entire brand and legions of Parrot Heads around the country. If all goes well, Margaritaville will soon be as synonymous with Lake of the Ozarks as Tan-Tar-A was for so many years.
The Lodge of Four Seasons is another property that recently revised its logo as part of their resort renovations. The focus of the redesign of the logo was to implement a strong logo for the award-winning hotel and golf courses that would be reflective of their unmistakable quality and uniqueness, according to Lodge officials.  
“Our desire was to emphasize a genuine and authentic image honoring the storied history of the resort.” Jim Cleary, Chief Operating Officer of the Lodge of Four Seasons, said.
Osage National has gone through a few changes over its 25-plus years to include an entire name change from North Port National to Osage National Golf Resort. As the resort and course have evolved, so has the logo. Old Kinderhook has gone through the same process to capture the look and feel that best describes their facility in one image. It is sometimes difficult to create that lasting impression with guests, and that is what makes a brand and image so important to the success of any business or product.  
As we all know, a logo is a company’s visual identity simplified into an icon. Think of some of the most iconic and most recognizable logos that are so recognizable they don’t even need words — McDonalds, Apple, Fed Ex, Pepsi, Coke…these logos are recognized all over the world.  
The golf industry is no different when it comes to branding. An iconic image that differentiates you from the competition can elevate your club above the rest. The logo must be compelling enough to invite people to choose you from over hundreds of equally well-branded options. Whether it is just a golf course, a resort or private country club, branding is a key component in the success of any golf course.  
Think of the course or resort images that come to your mind: Augusta National, Kapalua, TPC Sawgrass, St. Andrews and Pebble Beach, to name a few. All of these iconic logos bring thoughts of spectacular golf, beautiful scenery, fun and an excitement.
How many 100th anniversary PGA Championship shirts from the tournament hosted at Bellerive last summer have you seen? I’ve seen hundreds and that’s because you went to see the tournament or watched it on TV and wanted to let people know you were there.