On Nov. 6, 2018 Missourians approved the legalization of the sale and use of medical marijuana.

The Osage Beach Planning  Commission is sending a list of recommendations to the city’s board of aldermen outlining what they believe is the best plan of action to address changes that need to be made to accommodate medical marijuana.

The city has hosted a public forum, conducted a survey and held a joint meeting between the planning commission and aldermen to discuss how the legalization of medical marijuana will impact the city and what changes needed to be made to zoning requirements.

On Nov. 6, 2018 Missourians approved the legalization of the sale and use of medical marijuana. 

Osage Beach, like all Missouri municipalities, could soon be dealing with licensing a dispensary, cultivation facility, manufacturing or testing facility. Any or all are possible depending on who is issued licenses by the state. 

As the state outlines and implements the rules and regulations; municipalities will be tasked with revising multiple city codes, including but not limited to, Planning and Zoning, Business Licensing, and Criminal Offenses.

Based on the recommendations of the planning commission, dispensaries would be permitted in  C-1, I-1 or I-2 zoned areas and not closer than 200’ from any church, school or daycare.  

The state had said 1000’ but cities do not have to adhere to that distance.  The dispensary must also be located within 2,000 ft of OB Parkway or 1,000 ft. from Highway KK or Highway 42 (to try to keep them visible, and not close to any residential). They are prohibited from being located on property that is contiguous with Lake of the Ozarks. 

Medical marijuana cultivation will only be allowed  in A-1 or I-2 zones, and unlike dispensaries, they must be a minimum of 1,000’ from church, school or daycares, and also 1,000 ft. from any property zoned residential. 

Medical marijuana infused products manufacturing permitted in I-2 only, again with the 1,000 feet as noted for cultivation for both schools, etc. and residential, and same goes for contiguous to lake.

Medical Marijuana Testing will be permitted only in I-2 with the same requirements as the others (schools, residential and lake). 

The Osage Beach Board of Aldermen will discuss the recommendations at the next meeting on June 6.