Osage Beach will take some time to look back on its history this week as city officials hold a 60th anniversary celebration.

Osage Beach will take some time to look back on its history this week as city officials hold a 60th anniversary celebration. 

City Mayor John Olivarri says that it’s important for the city and citizens within to look back at where the city started and forward to where they are now. He says that, like any milestone, there is a need to look at what has been accomplished and the role the city has played in the ever growing development of the lake. He says he and the rest of the city members attending the celebration are looking forward to spending time focusing on this reflection. 

Holding the title of Mayor for three years and Alderman nine years before that, Olivarri says he truly believes Osage Beach still represents the Heart of the Lake of the Ozarks, as its water tower clearly states. He says the city is fortunate to be, what he considers, the retail hub of the lake. Because of this accolade, he says the city is able to provide services not only for tourists, but for second home owners and permanent residents. 

“We provide public infrastructure to continue growth that we want to see in the entire community,” Olivarri said.

At the core, Olivarri says that the benefits of the success of Osage Beach go on further to help the entire lake area. He says that, if one city at the lake can flourish, it helps all lake towns to take the next step forward. On a mayoral level, Olivarri says he is proud of what’s going on in every community that he works alongside. 

During this time of celebration, Olivarri recommends to all citizens of the lake to take the weekend and visit a local museum or historical site and learn more about the area. He says that the lake has filled itself with a number of opportunities to learn about its history, which he thinks helps add to the experience of living here. 

“I think if you have the time to learn more about the area you live in, you should,” Olivarri said.

On Wednesday, May 22 from 4:30 to 7:00 at Osage Beach City Hall, city officials will be present to host a celebratory open house for the 60th anniversary of the Osage Beach incorporation. City Administrator Jeana Woods says that there will be refreshments and members available to take a tour through the building for those wanting to do so. 

With smaller pieces of history to learn, such as the dencorporation and reincorporation attempts in 1960 and 1963 respectively, alongside the history Osage Beach’s previous name Zebra, she says there will be many stories shared and much to learn.