Hancock says there is no current estimate as to how much the city would be losing by not using the tax.

The Camdenton Board of Aldermen met Tuesday night to sort out a rather lengthy agenda, setting up a number of bigger issues to resolve soon.

To start, the board entertained a number of special members of the audience. Camdenton Police Lt. Jeff Beauchamp was brought forward and recognized for 30 years of service with the department. Mayor John McNabb presented an award for this honor. Following this announcement, Parks and Recreation director Larry Bennett handed out a number of awards for the city’s Pitch, Hit and Run championship from their tournament at the end of April.

Before getting into regular agenda matter, City Administrator Jeff Hancock pointed the discussion towards the upcoming decision surrounding use of the city school supplies sales tax. Camdenton has previously collected the tax, though Hancock thought it would be useful to discuss were the board wanted to go with it this year. To compare, Lebanon does not include this tax, while Osage Beach is currently considering it.

Hancock says there is no current estimate as to how much the city would be losing by not using the tax. With Walmart and Dollar General being two of the highest contributors to this tax, the figures would be private and not available for the board to use. Until some more relevant figures are able to be used for comparison, the city is holding off on the vote. They would have to complete an ordinance on any change by June 18.

A contract bid was accepted by the city for Terrain Consultants Inc. for Geotechnical Engineer Services for the proposed Community Center project. All work done by the group will be able to be held onto by the city in the case that the center project does not move forward in scheduled time. 

In closing, a number of smaller motions were made. Sandy Gentry was unanimously voted in again as Acting President of the Board of Aldermen. Rick Simmons was approved as the new Ball Park Operations Attendant at Camdenton City Park, though this decision was not universally agreed upon. Alderman Brenda Weir was in opposition to the hiring, citing previous concerns with the choice.

McNabb assured the board that he and Bennett had discussed this decision between meeting, and the remaining members of the board voted in favor.

Finally, the board approved the hiring of a new Camdenton Police Department officer. D. Scott Hines was hired as a police officer effective May 15.