They will be dealing with the damage over the next five days.

The lake area saw an immense amount of rain and lightning Tuesday night as a storm front passed through the area. Many areas experienced flooding and roads were deemed too dangerous to drive on due to heavy water loads across access ways. 

If you see water over the slab, turn around, don’t drown. That’s what Camden County Road and Bridge director Lee Schuman says should be the rule of thumb for area drivers of the next few days. They will be dealing with the damage over the next five days, assuming more rain doesn’t add to the existing problems. He says they know of many roads with damage, but there isn’t much they can accomplish until the water drains. Any more rain would likely cause more issues.

In some areas, the water shed extends into other counties. Schuman says they will continue to document damage totals to submit to FEMA in the case that they would declare a disaster. The county threshold is $160,000 in damage. Still, the governor and president would have to okay the disaster status before help would be granted. Schuman does not expect this to happen. 

Previous road winter damage is most compounded where the subgrade is retaining moisture and is unstable. These large storms wash away any material there. Unstable, saturated road clay can wash away as well. Road and Bridge personell will need to replace with good quality road material to counteract this. Schuman says they will also work on increase drain ability, as is always a priority. There are reports of flooding across the tri-county area. There were reports of debris across the lake including in Linn Creek cove and in many existing lake properties. Hope House was also closed indefinitely due to storm damage.

As of Wednesday morning, the rain totals were as follows:

Miller County: Areas of Miller County were projected to have received between 3.5-5.5 inches of rain.

Morgan County: Areas of Morgan County were projected to have received the least rain in the lake area, totaling between 2-3.5 inches of rain.

Camden County: Areas of Camden County were projected to have received between 2-5.5 inches of rain.

The lake total was at least at 657.8 as measuredby Ameren and may continue to rise.

With more rain in the forecast, county officials are warning residents to be aware of the dangers of flash flooding and use extreme caution when crossing low water bridges and areas prone to flooding. 

According to the Camden County Sheriff’s Department, they took several reports of trees down, heavy localized flooding and large boulders that washed down off hillsides in roadways Tuesday night and Wednesday. Although the forecast isn’t calling for as much precipitation as what feel on Tuesday, it could be enough to cause even more problems.  On Wednesday afternoon, the sheriff’s department was still advising motorists to avoid areas like Garrison and Franklin Dr. off A Road and Ballinger Creek in Climax Springs.

On the worst crossing was Freedom Ridge Road, also off A Road. The roadway on both sides of the low water crossing were washed away and will have to be repaired. 

The sheriff’s department has deputies checking on low water areas and reporting damage to the Camden County Road and Bridge Department and Camden County Emergency Management.