In October, Above and Beyond Roofing in Osage Beach had taken the project in hand, working towards a free repair.

It’s only a matter of time before a number of historical Camden County items are washed away or damaged. The Camden County Museum, found in Linn Creek, is still facing an ongoing issue with water leaking in through their roof. 

Museum Board Chair Norine Albers says that when she joined the historic society 25 years ago was around the time the current roof was installed. Being there since the ’80s, she says the rubber has worn down and the heavy winds of prior summers had an effect on curling the material.

In October, Above and Beyond Roofing in Osage Beach had taken the project in hand, working towards a free repair. Above and Beyond owner Ben Krokson stated previously that the company works on three to five donated roofing projects a year to local businesses. 

Krokson began reaching out to material vendors last year that the company had previously worked with to see about receiving material donations for the project. This includes companies around the state and even into Illinois. Albers says that the company and the museum will be meeting up May 1 to discuss the financial situation as it currently sits and find a way to move things forward. 

“It’s getting worse,” Albers said. “You never know where it’s going to leak next.”

The main area of the museum at risk is the main hall, where many theatre productions and community dinner events are held. Albers says this is a major problem, because if this area were to receive excess water damage, it would eliminate a main source of income for the museum. The volunteers involved at the museum are still managing a number of positioned buckets on the floor of the room which collecting leaking water. 

As a silver lining, the other halls and rooms of the museum seem to be unaffected at this time, likely due to the design of the roof and how it drains. However, many highly sought exhibits sit in the main theatre room, including original photos of Linn Creek and the Sheriff’s exhibit to name a few. This area also houses craft shows throughout the year. 

For those wanting to help the museum, donations are being welcomed throughout any means. If roofing cannot be provided to the museum through donation, all funds gathered will be put toward the project. They are also seeking any volunteers open to helping staff the museum throughout the day and help with weekly events. 

“The consequences of not repairing this roof just go on and on and on,” Albers previously said. “What we have here is one of a kind.”