Boating traffic will be restricted to idle speed from the 5-mile mark to the 9-mile mark during the event.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol Water Patrol Division  will be enforcing  a no-wake navigation area for the Lake of the Ozarks Invitational Powerboat Race. 

Boaters will be expected to slow down to idle speed during the races if passing through the no- wake zone. 

The annual event features high performance boats competing on a race course at the 5 to 9-mile marker. The event will be held this year on June 1.The races will take place from approximately 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Boating traffic will be restricted to idle speed from the 5-mile mark to the 9-mile mark during the event. The idle speed area will also extend to the one-half mile mark of the Gravois Arm. The idle speed restriction will remain in place for approximately 30 minutes after the last race. The races were formerly held from Bagnell Dam to the 4-mile marker. 

“These type events create congestion on the water, so it’s important that boaters exercise caution and patience in the vicinity of the event,” Capt. Matt Walz, director of the water patrol division of the Missouri Highway Patrol said.  “Consideration of the water depth and wind direction are certainly factors if you intend on anchoring in the area of the event.  A safe zone must be maintained around the perimeter of the course, which involves the cooperation of the spectator crowd on the water.”

According to the highway patrol, every attempt will be made to minimize inconvenience to boaters navigating near the race, but boaters should expect congestion in the area. There will be approximately a 100’ buffer zone maintained between the course perimeter buoy markers and the spectator boats. Spectator boats will be allowed to anchor in locations which do not restrict the normal flow of traffic around the event. Generally, anchoring near the mouth of coves will be encouraged, if congestion does not hinder ingress/egress into the cove locations. 

Troopers, as well as event volunteers, will be located around the course to assist boaters in locating the designated areas for spectator anchoring. Spectators wishing to anchor should anticipate needing enough anchor line for water depths ranging from 60 to 100 feet. 

Boaters should exercise extra caution while exiting the area following the event due to conditions caused by the heavy boat traffic.