Ann Allen has been working her greeting position at the Camdenton Walmart location for nearly 25 years.

Whether it be a move to regain the good faith of the community or an honest attempt at writing a perceived wrong is yet to be determined. However, it is now fact that retail giant Wal-Mart is looking at possibilities to rehire employees who had lost their job as a greeter. Among these personnel is Camdenton local Ann Allen. 

According to Allen’s caretaker Lois Stivers, Allen has been invited by WalMart to retrain for a new position. This comes with a number of criteria in her path in order to full acquire the new job, however. Allen has to prove to WalMart through a doctor’s appointment and training session that she is capable of taking part in the tasks asked of her. 

Ann Allen has been working her greeting position at the Camdenton Walmart location for nearly 25 years. At the age of 17, Allen was the victim of a serious car accident which left her without speech and use of her legs. With these disabilities, finding any work was nearly impossible. In 1994, Allen was given the opportunities to continue working as a greeter at Walmart, a position she continued to enjoy until this year. Now, she is being offered a couple of new options.

Stivers says she has been offered a possible position in both the back room where phone orders come through and in the self checkout area near the front of the store. Allen’s caretaker would need to be present in either position to complete many of the tasks asked of her. Stivers says the family is pushing for the self checkout position, as it would be more suited to Allen’s abilities and would allow her to interact with many of the customers who have gotten to know her as a greeter.

In the event that Allen is able to prove to WalMart that she is able to work, Stivers says she would be reinstated in around 30 days. She says there is a two hour special training that Allen will have to complete before any decisions are made. Allen has already completed a doctors visit and received confirmation that she is able to work. 

This opportunity comes with some bittersweet feeling for Allen, as not all of her previous greeter coworkers have been offered a follow-up position. Stivers says that Allen has expressed some concern, wondering what will be done for the others who have also lost their job. Stivers says that Allen was chosen among the workers to continue due to her long standing work with the company.

“What about the rest of the people that work with me? Will they get a position also?” Stivers translated from Allen’s sign language. 

Based on whatever job is offered, Stivers says the family members and caretakers with guardianship over Allen will have to make a decision as to whether they want Allen to return to work or not. She says they are working to set up other volunteering opportunities for Allen in the event that they decide not to move forward with WalMart.