The actual food prep starts on Friday before the fish fry.

With all due respect, Osage Beach Fire Protection District Fire Chief Jeff Dorhauer is in favor of changing the name of the Osage Beach Firefighters Benevolent Association from a fish fry to a hush puppy fry to pay homage to the item he believes is the true star of the annual event.

Not a fan of fish, Dorhauer says the hush puppies are the main attraction. Made from gallons of batter freshly mixed the day of fish fry, fried to a perfection in the large fryers filled with oil. Considering the firefighters will cut up and fry about 500 pounds of fish, Dorhauer’s attempts to change the name aren’t likely to catch on anytime soon. The freshly fried fish is a lake area favorite. 

On Sun., March 30, the firefighters will be firing up the fryers and serving up an all you care to eat feast. The annual fish fry is the benevolent association’s major annual fundraiser. The funds raised go back into the community through various programs throughout the year.

All told, it takes 3 days to get ready for and manage the fish fry. The actual food prep starts on Friday before the fish fry. Before firing up the fryers on Sunday, there are desserts to be made, french fries and hush puppies to get ready, gallons and gallons of baked beans are prepped and cole slaw is ready waiting for the dressing.  

The ingredients for the cole slaw dates back 29 years when Stewart’s Restaurant on the Strip shared their recipe, a house speciality, with the fire district. The same recipe has been used since.  

Firefighters families provide homemade desserts. Depending on the size of the crowd, if those run out, the firefighters will make a grocery store run for bakery items. 

Saturday equipment is checked and early Sunday morning, the crews will be back at it setting putting up tables, moving chairs, getting the food ready to serve. After serving literally hundreds and hundreds of meals, everything has to be cleaned up and ready for the firefighters to return to regular duty on Monday. 

All You Care to Eat Fish Fry

We'll have DJ Kyle providing entertainment.

We'll have a great raffle again this year.

• Location: Osage Beach Fire Station #2 off of KK (6186 Fire Station Road)

• Time: We'll be serving food from 11am - 5pm

• Prices:

o Adults- $10

o Children (under 12)- $5

o Under 3- Free