As luck would have it, this year her dad ended up being shipped to Michigan for 3 weeks of Advanced Leader Course Training.

Timing is everything. Just ask 12-year-old Jaiden Hollandsworth, a sixth grade student at Camdenton, who recently found herself without anyone to attend Donuts with Dad for the second year in a row.

Last year, her dad,  Jason Hollandsworth,  a supply sergeant in the Army National Guard Reserve, based out of Lebanon was stationed in St. Louis and was unable to make the trip home to accompany his daughter. 

As luck would have it, this year her dad ended up being shipped to Michigan for 3 weeks of Advanced Leader Course Training. Although Jaiden is used to the hectic schedule having a father serving in the reserves can create and proud of her father’s military service, she was disappointed that she was going to miss the very last Donuts with Dad before moving on to the seventh grade. 

Jaiden usually takes everything in stride. She recently tried out and was selected for the cheerleading squad for the 2019-2020 school year. She loves hanging out with friends and is active in Camden County Creative Kids 4H with shooting sports and photography. But, mom could tell it was upsetting her. 

“It broke her heart to know that her dad wasn’t going to be there and her grandfather was ill so there was no one to stand in, “ mom Jill Hollandssworth said. Deciding to try and find a solution, on a whim  Jill messaged the Camden County Sheriff’s Department on Facebook. She works in the Camden County Circuit Clerk’s office as a deputy clerk in the associate/municipal division so she knows many of the members of the department. Sure enough, she got an answer from Cpt. Chris Twitchell who assured her someone would be there to stand in for dad. 

Little did she or Jaiden know that when Twitchell asked for volunteers, not one but 3 deputies stepped forward saying they would be more than willing to stand in for the father who was training for his country. 

Deputy Jason Sylvester, Deputy Shawn McElroy and Deputy Pat Cochran, all fathers themselves, took time out from their schedules to lend a hand. All 3 were more than happy to take over school duty while Jaiden’s dad was on military duty. 

On the designated day, Jaiden found all 3 deputies waiting for her at the school. 

“She was beyond pleased and said it made her so happy to know someone cared enough to do that for her,” Jill said. She said she will also be thankful and will remember the 3 deputies who came out to support Jaiden. 

“I know my husband would do the same for them,” she said.