Several years ago the District trained our staff on protocols and procedures in the event of an active shooter.

It seems as if every six months or so I end of with ideas that never develop into a full article. So I put forth these “hodge-podge” of subjects if you will. 

Last month I wrote in regards to Fire Tags or Subscription Services for Fire Departments. Over the past few weeks I have received several phone calls from individuals as the topic sparked an interest with them. So over the next month or so I will be submitting articles based on conversations with these former volunteer firefighters, one of whom was out of St. Louis County and is now an Alderman with the City of Lake Ozark and a second who is a longtime resident and businessman of the area who also was a volunteer for Osage Beach from 1969-1981. Keep an eye out for these!

This week the Osage Beach Fire Protection District is conducting training that we pray we never have to utilize. Several years ago the District trained our staff on protocols and procedures in the event of an active shooter. While this training focuses on schools in particular, the skills learned would apply to any scenario where we had an incident such as this. While this week’s training is a refresher for our crews, the scenarios have been expanded to other disciplines and departments. We know that in this type of an event that the Fire District and City Police Department do not have the resources to handle, so we reach out to our Mutual Aid Partners to come in and assist. While the Fire District may be comfortable with how their shift will respond, are the comfortable with how their Mutual Aid Partners will respond. 

One of the critical failures on 9-11 was lack of Interoperability. While communication systems within the disciplines were established none of these disciplines, (Police, EMS,Fire) had systems to communicate to each other. When you talk about a large scale scenario that requires cooperation between services, lack of communication becomes a problem. 

During our three days of training and drills Osage Beach Fire has invited Osage Beach Police, area Fire Districts, area law enforcement agencies, and dispatch to come drill with us. We are looking for the failures, the breakdown in communications, and the problems with how we each operate so that we fix these before the real call comes out. 

I personally want to thank School of the Osage Administration for allowing us to utilize your facility during your Spring Break. This cooperation will go a long way in helping assure your students safety.

Coming up on March 31st from 11am-5pm the Osage Beach Firefighters Benevolent Association will host its annual Fish Fry. The proceeds from the event go to several areas of need within our community. We sponsor children at Burn Camps, offer scholarships to local area seniors, and finally assist families of firefighters injured in the line of duty. The all you can eat meal is $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12. Hope you can join us at Station 2 off of State Rte. KK.