Despite getting out and about a lot within the community, there always seems to be more that I want to do. Especially in the spring.

Despite getting out and about a lot within the community, there always seems to be more that I want to do. Especially in the spring.
After a long, cold winter (my least favorite season) I’m ready to gas up the boat, visit my favorite waterfront bars, and simply relax and enjoy the Lake.
The last couple of years have been particularly challenging for me. Moving, finishing a house, moving again, keeping up with a full and part-time job, volunteering on several boards, organizing local fundraisers, combined with life’s general challenges — things have been a bit busy. I’ve promised myself and my family that I’ll slow down a bit. We’ll see how that goes…
What am I going to do with all my free time? I’ve already set my sights on a few upcoming events.
After all of these years living at Lake of the Ozarks, I’ve never participated in the Spring Harbor Hop held in May. Hosted by the Convention & Visitor Bureau, you stop at participating waterfront locations to collect a poker hand. There’s also one held in the fall. Sounds like a fun boating day on the water to me.
I’ve also started to take yearly “girls” trips to locations within a day’s drive. This year’s destination is Mall of America. Much different than the beaches of Gulf Shores we visited last year but I can work on my tan from my dock this summer.
Also on my list in the coming months is climbing Missouri’s highest point at Taum Sauk Mountain. At 1,772 feet I wouldn’t consider that too much of a challenge but apparently the park also has the state’s tallest waterfall. A must see in my book. The downside will be the overnight accommodations. I can pitch a tent. I just don’t like to. But I’m a good sport and if it involves making memories and having a fun experience I’m all in.
If you are like me and looking for something new to do, or just feel the need to get out of the house, check out our list of Tiny Towns in this issue. I wouldn’t mind adding one or two of these places to my list.
There’s always an excuse or reason not to do something. We are all busy. But we have a playground in our own backyard, and so many things to do within a short drive. I hope you take some time to plan out a few fun things to do with your family and friends in the coming months. The magazine is certainly full of ideas in this issue. Visit the newest waterfront restaurant, Margaritaville. If you like art, the Lake Fine Art Academy & Galleria is a great place in Osage Beach. And a favorite local springtime event is the Dogwood Festival. I mean, who doesn’t like carnival food?
See you out this season!

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