McNabb says that once the economic rebound was in place, they revisited the idea and are now near finished on design plans.

For over two decades, Camdenton government has dreamed of putting together a community center that would be used by all. During a public event at Camdenton Town Hall March 5, the board of aldermen and hired contractors working on the project will be unveiling the concept models that may soon be brought to life.

Camdenton Mayor John McNabb says that the city has been working towards this moment for a long time; even before he took office. The project took form after the city passed a special use tax decades ago devoted to parks and special projects. The first project to receive funding by the method was the community pool, which has been open to all and enjoyed by many. Immediately following this, the concept of a community building was put into place. 

However, this project has met many bumps in the road to get to where it is today. The biggest hurdle came in 2008 during the nationwide recession. This hit saw the entire project being put on the back burner, though it never fully ceased to exist. 

McNabb says that once the economic rebound was in place, they revisited the idea and are now near finished on design plans.

McNabb says that the project has had three individual studies done to spotlight the utilities local citizens wanted most out of the center. Though times have changed, the wants of Camdenton have not. He says the #1 thing that has been requested in every study is a walking space to get out and exercise on at any time of the day. Other requests include a public meeting space, event venue space and a kitchen for small scale food preparation. 

With all of these ideas in mind, McNabb says the committee’s main vision for these spaces was to make every room multi-use. All meetings with architects on the project thus far have agreed that this would be the most efficient use of the space. The current committee has been meeting on the current version of the plans for nearly two years. 

Currently, the first phase of the plans sits at between $4.4 to $4.8 million to fund. The city currently has $1.7 collected and McNabb says they will attempt to fund the remaining portion with a bond. They plan on funding this over 20 years without any tax on the public. However, if the second phase of the building is to ever come together, which would include another gymnasium among other amenities, it would have to be funded through a sales tax increase. 

Before it gets to that point, McNabb hopes the phase one construction will sway the public and showcase how useful having this space available can be. The models available at the public meeting Tuesday will showcase aerial views of the plans alongside building designs. He says the vision is to show how this center can bring the community together. 

“Hopefully Tuesday, we can accomplish our goal of showing people what we’re talking about,” McNabb said.

Should design plans be finally approved by the committee, McNabb says blueprint tuning and initialization should be complete in 7-9 months. If this is accomplished, the center should be built by late 2020 or early 2021. 

The public meeting will be held from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. prior to the regularly scheduled board meeting at town hall. All are welcome to attend both sessions.